Quiz: Where should you go to meet the niche love of your life?

Jessica Gleason/Staff

We at the Clog have already taken steps to help you find the niche love of your life, but we know it isn’t always that easy. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want in a person. Maybe you’re having trouble narrowing it down to one major quality. You might even be having trouble figuring out where to find that person. It’s Clog to the rescue again, with this quiz to help you figure out where exactly you should go to meet the person of your dreams.

  1. What are you studying?
    1. Humanities
    2. S.T.E.M.
    3. Social sciences
  2. Do you want somebody with your interests?
    1. No, as long as they’re willing to listen to me talk about my interests
    2. It’d be nice, but it’s not really a big deal
    3. Yes, we need to be able to relate
  3. What’s an important quality for you in a partner?
    1. Patient
    2. Supportive
    3. Compassionate
  4. What’s something you want them to be passionate about?
    1. School or knowledge
    2. Sports or popular culture
    3. Movies or art
  5. How important is it to you that they’re attractive?
    1. It’s their personality I care about
    2. Honestly, it’s my main factor
    3. Look, hotness never hurts
  6. What do you want them to be studying?
    1. S.T.E.M.
    2. Social sciences
    3. Humanities
    4. It doesn’t matter to me
  7. Which of these qualities is most important to you?
    1. Intelligence
    2. Humor
    3. Creativity
  8. What’s one thing you want your significant other to follow religiously?
    1. Current events and the news
    2. The Kardashians and other popular culture icons
    3. The latest Sundance films and the New York Times bestseller list
    1. You’ll meet the love of your life at an academic-based meeting. You could check out departmental organizations, or some more specific clubs that focus on one particular aspect of an academic field or competitions relating to it. Strap on your thinking cap as you woo them with your smarts, since that’s definitely something you both value a lot.
    2. You’ll meet them at an interest-based event. Whether that means an Open Mic night or something like Cal Running Club, this event won’t specifically relate to academics. This event will probably relate to a hobby or passion that they can’t pursue in class. By getting to know them in the context of something they love to do, you’ll already have a great foundation for a relationship.
    3. You’ll meet the love of your life in an upper division humanities class. Whether that means a philosophy seminar or a studio art class is up to you, but one thing’s for sure — you definitely want somebody who values reading and creativity, and this is a pretty good place to find them. You better hope that CalCentral doesn’t waitlist you for this one.

Now that you’ve figured out where to find your true love, you just need to go get them. Better start writing those wedding invites!

Taylor Follett is the assistant blog editor. Contact Taylor Follett at [email protected].