Chipotle offers free drinks for students throughout September

Andrew Steinsapir /File

Lovers of fast food¬†burritos rejoice, Chipotle will be quenching your thirst all throughout the month of September. Whether you’re a burrito or a bowl kind of person, we at the Clog are sure you’ll be able to agree that this is a worthwhile promotion. High school, college and graduate students just have to show their IDs when making an in-store food purchase to be eligible to receive the free drink. Note, however, that those delicious Izze sodas won’t be included in the free drink promotion, nor will other bottled juices and sodas. Fountain drinks and iced tea will have to suffice.

With the first at-home game day coming up this weekend, we at the Clog know you’ll be eyeing that Chipotle burrito or bowl. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated during a long day of repeating “Roll on you bears.” Don’t let your voice be drowned out by the voices of Texas fans. Quench your thirst to keep that school spirit going strong. When the lure of chips and guacamole becomes too much to ignore, all you have to do is buy some food, show your ID and get a¬†free drink to keep you going.

Stay thirsty, and go bears.

Rachel Feder is the blog editor. Contact Rachel Feder at [email protected].