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Mind games to play at a party

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

We’ve all been there. Your friends finally convince you after a long day to go out, you get to the party and you’re overwhelmingly disappointed. You have to be in a very specific state to actually enjoy a party, and even when your enjoying it for some time, you hit a slump and the only thing you want to do is go home. Usually your friends try to convince you not to go home, or some slight ounce of FOMO (fear of missing out) leads you to staying at the party for longer. So what do you do when you’re bored at a party you really don’t feel like being at? We at the Clog have devised a few mind games to play with yourself to get you through a not so fun night out.

Everyone is a baby

When you’re at the party, pretend that all the people are babies and toddlers — it’s actually really hilarious. There are many similarities that can be drawn between drunk college students and two year olds, they both laugh and cry uncontrollably, want food every hour and drink from bottles. Besides the fact that picturing everyone as a baby is hilarious, everyone instantly becomes cuter. You’ll be sure to have a good time at the party with this mentality!

Watch a random individual for the duration of the party

Ok, we know this sounds super creepy, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s sometimes fun to watch how the night plays out for one random person you don’t know if you’re not having a fun night of your own. Sometimes you’ll get very invested in the plot line of this individual. Did they go home with the person they were flirting with? Did they ever make up with that person they were arguing with? Did they win beer pong? You’ll find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat (?) the entire party. To optimize this game, you may want to try to stand on an elevated surface or staircase for maximum scoping potential. It’s all fun and games until you start following them though, so don’t do that.

Pretend that everyone’s parents are standing behind them 

This one is hilarious. All you’ve got to do is imagine that the party-goers parents are standing right behind them during the entire party. Not only is this funny because you get to imagine what their parents look like (it’s fun to get creative with this part), but you also get to imagine their parents’ reactions to the crazy things they are doing at that party. I don’t think many of them would look very pleased standing behind their child “slapping the bag” in the middle of the dance floor.

Count the amount of lace up tops you see

This is more of a last resort mind game, but if you’re outrageously bored, just start counting the amount of people wearing lace up tops. These shirts are just everywhere — it’s kind of funny. This mind game can be applied to any popular clothing item like Adidas superstars, chokers or boat shoes.

We at the Clog hope that you party safely and creatively. Go Bears, go beers!

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2016