Quiz: Which weird weather essential are you?

Jessica Rogness/File

We’ve all been through the struggle of wearing shorts when the high of the day is 50 degrees, committing the faux pas of wearing jeans on the hottest day of the semester or feeling our feet get cold and clammy in flip-flops as the rain pours down mercilessly.

With everything on our plates at the moment — the piles of homework, wacky midterms, waitlist struggles and hectic 8 a.m.s — dealing with crazy weather is the last thing that should be on our minds. But, since wacky weather is inevitable, especially in Berkeley, you now have the opportunity to figure out just which weird weather essential fits your personality.

  1. Which personality type most describes you?
    1. Protective of your friends
    2. Laid-back and easy-going
    3. Clingy with a capital C
    4. Outgoing
  2. Which kind of weather do you like the best?
    1. Rainy days
    2. Cool, windy days
    3. Chilly winter days
    4. Warm summer days
  3. Which food is your favorite?
    1. Crepes
    2. Pumpkin bread
    3. Hot chocolate
    4. Cookie dough ice cream
  4. Which of these is your spirit animal?
    1. Eagle
    2. Squirrel
    3. Penguin
    4. Dolphin
  5. What’s your favorite place to study?
    1. Holed up in the library
    2. At a trendy cafe full of misunderstood artists
    3. Snuggled under your covers
    4. Out in the beautiful green meadows
  6. What’s your favorite subject in school?
    1. Math
    2. Art, always art
    3. The very long story about all the mistakes people have made (history)
    4. Sports! Swimming! Track! Gymnastics! Soccer!
    1. Congrats, you’re qualified to be an umbrella. You act as a shield for your friends, and you’re not one to shy away from crazy weather. However, you also have a sensible side and always make sure to prioritize your studies.
    2. Wow, you have the traits to be a light jacket! You’re easy going and light-hearted. You’re able to magically make the people around you feel relaxed and comfortable.
    3. Amazing, you have the perfect personality to be a cozy sweater. While you do enjoy quiet time alone while you study, when out with friends, you’re the clingiest of them all. You’re able to balance your love for your friends while maintaining a great GPA, so kudos to you.
    4. Fabulous, you could practically be a tank top. You’re a fun-loving, adventurous individual who thrives off meeting new people. To top it off, you enjoy frolicking in the meadows with your dog much more than spending time with your poor, neglected textbooks.

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