Dwinelle Hall bathroom graffiti: a review

Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/File

Let’s face it: Dwinelle Hall probably has the most objectively disgusting bathrooms on campus. Complete with toilets encased in plastic bags and an odor that reminds us of poop, B.O. and cheap perfume all at the same time, Dwinelle bathrooms should be avoided at all costs. Except, that is, when looking at the graffiti. True artists and poets have left some of their greatest masterpieces on these stall doors. Here’s the Clog’s look at some of our favorites.


Gillian Perry/Staff

Here’s a perfect example of the diversity in art we have featured in the gallery that is Dwinelle. A story of self love, a poetic masterpiece written in pink pen juts out to the right, and just below a simpler phrase embodying the same principles. As this anonymous artist proclaims, the “story that keeps (them) going” is “bomb dick.”


Gillian Perry/Staff

What thought-provoking work — both quoting a classic line from Shakespeare and then literally explaining it in linguistic terms. This graffiti proves just how smart Berkeley students really are. We know both references and how to pretentiously break them down. What a crew!


Gillian Perry/Staff

Bathroom graffiti is also a great platform for asking existential questions, such as our anonymous artist with blue ink who asks, “Where do we go now?” A truly provocative question to be posed on a bathroom stall. The only answer that seems to make sense is provided by our friend who writes in black ink, “Go wash your hands.” That is a great place to go after using the Dwinelle bathrooms, we at the Clog appreciate straightforward answers.


Gillian Perry/Staff

The stalls of Dwinelle are clearly major stages for modern art. Take a look at the drawings above, utter tour de forces. What they are and what they represent we will leave up to your imagination.

Dwinelle bathrooms may stink, but at least they offer some prime post-class coffee-dump entertainment.

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