‘New’ features of the iPhone 7

With the annual release of yet another iPhone — because the last 11 were obviously not enough — everyone everywhere is excited to get their hands on the latest technology that Apple can provide. But before you go swooning all over this new update, we at the Clog have ever so kindly decided to break down exactly what the iPhone 7 has to offer.

No headphone jack

Of course, the first thing we have to address is the headphone jack or, well, the lack of one. It seems that the newest update to the iPhone is actually the removal of something that existed before. Neat, huh? One port definitely makes the phone seem perfectly sleek and streamlined … until you want to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. 

Wireless earphones

This brings us to our next point: the wireless earphones, creatively named AirPods. It seems that the only way to listen to music while charging the phone is to use Apple’s brilliantly designed wireless earphones. However, what many may not know is that Apple has actually failed to provide these with the purchase of the phone. Instead, every customer receives a pair of Apple’s original earphones with a lightning adaptor connector. And not only is it an additional $159 for the wireless pair, but the AirPods require charging every five hours. As if remembering to charge our phones wasn’t enough.

Dual camera

The major advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual camera that includes the new ability to refocus a blurry image after it has been taken. This probably sounds like sorcery to those of us who have been cursed with taking what seemed like a great photo, only to realize later that it was out of focus. Apple has heroically come to the rescue on this one, but upon further review, it seems that two camera lenses use up more of the battery life. On top of this, the internal space taken up to place an additional camera could’ve been used for, let’s say, a larger battery. And we all know how grateful we would’ve been for that.

Home button

The iPhone 7’s new Home button is actually not a button at all! Instead, it’s a touch-sensitive area that vibrates when pressed, giving the illusion of a button-click. The sensor requires skin contact for the Home button to actually function. This definitely makes us feel like we’re living in a new age, but what about when we can’t physically touch the Home button? Like when our hands are dirty or we’re wearing gloves? If this touch-sensitive area isn’t triggered, the Home button won’t work. The new iOS 10 lock screen no longer requires swiping across in order to enter your passcode. Instead, the touch capacity of the Home button will activate this screen. Let’s just hope winter doesn’t get too cold.

Water resistant

Apple claims that the iPhone 7 is both water and dust resistant, but keep in mind that water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof. But what the average consumer may not know is that the iPhone 6S was indeed nearly waterproof, with Apple encasing both the phone and its internal logic board with waterproofing material. The language is definitely vague on this one. We’re waiting for Apple’s definition of what water resistant actually means before we start taking selfies in the rain.

While many of Apple’s upgrades seem like more of a hassle than a help, we’re still looking forward to getting our hands on the iPhone 7 as soon as possible.

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