What is your spirit potato?

Caragh McErlean/Staff

You’ve taken all the quizzes telling you what animal you would be, what Disney character you would be friends with and what Starbucks drink you should buy. But do you know what type of potato dish is your soulmate? Well, it’s time to find out.

  1. How would you describe yourself when you wake up in the morning?
    1. Excited to see the sunrise and start my day bright and early!
    2. Drowsy, but nothing coffee won’t fix.
    3. I ‘m very morning angry (a.k.a. mangry).
    4. My mornings start at 1 p.m.
  2. What’s your go-to item in your closet?
    1. My Toms. They’re comfy and charitable!
    2. An original pair of dark blue Levi’s jeans.
    3. The Hawaiian shirt I got from Mars Thrift Store (only $30!).
    4. My favorite blazer that takes any of my outfits from slobbish to stylish.
  3. You’re between classes and need to grab an on-the-go lunch. What do you get?
    1. A gourmet salad with all the trimmings.
    2. Can’t go wrong with a burger and fries!
    3. A scrumptious bowl of ramen, accompanied by a bottle of Sriracha.
    4. A Cliff Bar and a banana. Who needs real food?
  4. Your friends would describe you as __________.
    1. The parent of the group. I am always watching over the little Golden Bears.
    2. Very loyal. I will be there through the thick and thin.
    3. The outspoken one. I’m not afraid to tell it how it is.
    4. Always late. I need double the Berkeley time, but I never fail to bring some fun.
  5. ______________ is a person’s best friend.
    1. The library
    2. A dog
    3. Facebook
    4. Caffeine
  6. TGIF! Where will you be on a Friday night?
    1. Getting a head start on my homework at a cafe Downtown.
    2. Watching Netflix and chillin’ with ice cream.
    3. Exploring San Francisco with friends.
    4. Picking out my ABC (anything-but-clothes) outfit for a frat party.
    1. You’re a sweet potato! Giving you nutrients to be productive and energized, this potato is a scrumptious treat. Similarly, you’re able to stand on your own and have a well-balanced life. Your natural composure also sweetens your friends up on the most stressful of days. Check out Sweetgreen for a healthy serving of sweet potatoes along with your other favorite produce!
    2. You’re mashed potatoes! This creamy classic adds a touch of hominess to every table. Just like mashed potatoes, people turn to you for comfort during tough times. You act as a reliable and trustworthy friend, always putting others before yourself. If you’re craving this popular dish, treat yourself to Venus’ version of this classic, where you will be served only the mashiest of potatoes.
    3. You’re chilli cheese fries! You provide spice in everyone’s life. Just like chilli cheese fries, you have a boldness that people admire. While your audacity may rub a few people the wrong way, it always leads you and your friends to great adventures and opportunities. This savory snack is a favorite at I.B.’s Hoagies of students and locals alike.
    4. You’re tater tots! Much like you, these tiny portable potatoes are a beloved dish in every home. Not only are you able to adapt to any environment, you can thrive there. Whether at the fair with friends or at a family event, people gravitate towards your quirky and amiable personality. If your love for tots is as strong as Napoleon Dynamite’s, head over to Phil’s Sliders and order a side of famous tater tots.

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