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SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

Everyone knows that UC Berkeley is a unique place with a huge range of people, events and (most importantly) foods. But not everyone gets just how unique it can be. People who don’t go to UC Berkeley sometimes just can’t understand the weird things we deal with in our daily life here. To help shed light on the subject, we at the Clog put together five of the most common #justberkeleythings we all experience.

1. Finding graffiti all over the bathroom walls and feeling actually pretty inspired by it.

This is just a staple of being at Cal. In places like VLSB, you’ll see graffiti all over the bathroom walls, and honestly, it’s pretty uplifting. Students write inspirational messages and words of wisdom to help students get through classes and other difficult aspects of college and life. It’s also filled with comedy, so students have something to laugh at in between classes. Graffiti here embodies creative spirit, optimism and diversity. It’s a microcosm (yes, in a bathroom) of all the beneficial aspects of UC Berkeley.

2. Putting headphones on during your walk through Sproul to avoid all the people tabling.

This is something you definitely experience on a daily basis here at Cal. It’s one of the most annoying things, because you’re rushing and half-running/half-walking to class, but students will still bombard you with random flyers and information about events that you really just don’t care about. Sure, you’re involved in clubs on campus, but you really don’t need people in your face at 8 a.m. But watch — you’ll turn around and promote the club you’re in at 8 a.m. on Sproul one day. It’s basically inevitable.

3. Wanting boba and getting way more stressed than you need to be because the choices are endless.

Boba is so prevalent at UC Berkeley that you can walk down the street and come across at least five different boba places. And, being a UC Berkeley student, you signed up to love milk tea. However, you often become stressed as to which boba place is better taste-wise, or which one is better at night, or which one is better to wake you up. It becomes so stressful you’ll often end up going to the boba place closest to you, because you’re really just lazy. This problem is definitely a unique one, but we’re also really lucky. Who doesn’t love boba? 

4. Coming face to face with a squirrel on your walk to class.

Squirrels at UC Berkeley are crazy and will come within just a few inches of you looking for food. They don’t seem to be scared at all of humans, which is seriously inconvenient. During your walk to class, be careful and stay as far away as possible from all squirrels. It’s not that unusual to see a squirrel jump feet in the air or dig in your backpack just to get food out of your hand. This fear of squirrels is definitely unique to UC Berkeley, since our squirrels are so particularly vicious. Don’t worry — everyone will understand if they see you running away. The fear brings us together.

5. Getting pumped every night to shout “Hell yeah!” with the Hell Yeah guy in front of Walgreens.

The Hell Yeah guy is another form of inspiration like the graffiti on VLSB’s walls. Every single night, he sits out in front of Walgreens and screams “Hell yeah!” to anyone who walks by. A lot of times students respond, and the entire experience is upbeat and positive. It’s a great way to destress after a long day of classes, so if you’re looking for some quick inspiration in your life, walk in front of Walgreens to scream “Hell yeah!” with the Hell Yeah guy. Who doesn’t love a random man screaming at them as they try to go home? It’s just a part of the experience, even if it creates anxiety on par with The Squirrel Fear™.

Next time somebody asks what it’s like to go to the number one public university in the world, just tell them about these #justberkeleythings. It’s the only way to truly encapsulate life at UC Berkeley. Go Bears!


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SEPTEMBER 28, 2016