Editor’s note: Bears out of Berkeley

The chance to be immersed in an unknown environment is, to say the least, one of the most exciting opportunities of study abroad. Precious college memories are formed when struggling to overcome language barriers or even cultural differences set in a foreign city. Relentless in their pursuit to venture outside ordinary comfort zones and abandon the security of familiarity, exchange students adapt to new environments and discover different cultures that redefine aspects of their own identity.

Along this journey to see different parts of the world, students make lasting friendships that accompany them as they explore the rich histories of their study abroad destinations. Trips to museums and weekend getaways to nearby cities are planned. Slowly, but surely, exchange students find themselves falling in love with their limited time abroad.

Here, we share some tips, photos and experiences that capture the magical allure of the study abroad experiences. We hope this special edition issue will spark an inspiration to travel abroad among many in our Berkeley community.

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