Midterm season dining hall hacks

Audrey McNamara/File

It’s midterm season, and there’s not a minute to spare. It’s finally time to get those weekly assigned readings done and say hello to that ten-pound textbook for the very first time. With all this work to catch up on, who has time to wait 45 minutes in line at the dining hall for a measly scoop of kimchi fried rice? Who can spare that half hour in line to get a plain piece of chicken, eight peas and a quarter piece of fish? So skip those long lines, and pay close attention as we spill the secrets to getting great food without wasting a single minute of precious study time.

1. Make your own milkshake

The steps are simple.  Grab a cup, fill it up with your favorite ice cream flavors (flavors include: strawberry, Irish mint, chocolate and vanilla), drizzle some milk over everything and use a spoon to blend it all up. The results are amazing — once the ice cream is integrated with the milk, you get a thick, icy drink that will be sure to soothe your pain.

2. Add veggies to your soup

Sometimes, the soups at dinnertime leave a little something to be desired. Maybe you’re missing the pieces of corn and carrots that your mom used to stir into your chicken soup. Maybe you feel that the deep red color of your spicy tomato soup is just too much to take at this point in your life. At any rate, whatever your dilemma, it can be fixed with just a short trip around the salad bar.

Add peas and carrots to your chicken and dumpling soup and pretend it’s the chicken pot pie you’ve been missing so much. Add corn to your clam chowder for the random pops of sweetness that brighten up the flavor. Add red onions and shredded cheese to your tomato soup for a more robust, layered flavor profile. Basically, add anything and make your heart feel happy.

3. Make your own “fried rice”

Grab a bowl and fill it with freshly steamed rice, or brown rice for all you health nuts out there.  Next, drizzle soy sauce and sriracha. Make a trip to the salad station and add crumbled egg bits, peas, carrots, corn and anything else you’d like. Finally, mix it all up to create your very own DIY custom-made fried rice.

4. Make a delicious coffee and ice cream creation

Are directions really necessary? All you have to do is pour coffee over your choice of ice cream. However, here’s a tip: vanilla or chocolate ice cream will probably work better than strawberry or Irish mint. 

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help ease your midterm woes in the near future. Now that you’ll save so much time by skipping those ridiculous dining hall lines, go and ace all those pesky midterms.

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