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Best breakfast burritos on campus

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

It’s early in the morning. You have an extremely important 8 a.m. class with an iClicker and a quiz, yet you have no motivation to get out of bed. Have no fear, we’ve found the greatest motivation yet: breakfast burritos! Just the thought of these pillow-like, mouth-watering, savory concoctions will have you up and ready way before you have to be because you’ll be so excited for the experience your taste buds have in store.

1. Yali’s Cafe at Stanley Hall

Omil Xia/Staff
Omil Xia/Staff


Need a little kick to wake you up? This ancho chili breakfast burrito gives you that spice you need in your life. The cheese perfectly complements the eggs, immediately waking you up with all the different flavors you taste and sensations you feel in your mouth. (It pairs especially well with the strawberry blueberry smoothie.) This isn’t the only kind of burrito Yali’s has, so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you have the option to try the other kinds as well.

2. FIFO Cafe at Haas Business School

Rayanne Piaña/File
Rayanne Piaña/File


This burrito gives you bang for your buck. It’s so filling that you’ll be able to power through until lunch without feeling the need to snack on something. The version on the menu comes with egg, cheese, potatoes and chorizo, but you can make substitutions. We like adding avocado to ours (#california). But then again, what doesn’t taste good with avocado?

3. Golden Bear Café


Jamin Kim-Sanders/File
Jamin Kim-Sanders/File

We tried the meatless version of GBC’s breakfast burrito and absolutely loved it. Eggs, potatoes and cheese are all wrapped in a piping hot tortilla— we’re drooling just thinking about the taste. Located at the heart of Sproul Plaza, GBC is a convenient place to grab a bite before class. This burrito is the cheapest of the three, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2016