Best discounts for students in Berkeley

Joe Wright/File
Joe Wright/File

College is expensive. Unfortunately, that’s the sad, stark reality of our lives right now. After buying all the required textbooks and course readers, our wallets are getting a bit thin. But that’s not all. We also need to buy food, pay rent, do laundry— the list goes on and on. In desperate times like these, student discounts can be our only saving grace.

So, to help you out during these difficult, trying times, we at the Clog have compiled a list of the best discounts right here in Berkeley.

1. Pacific Cookie Company

Who doesn’t like cookies? Or, even better, free cookies? To get free cookies every day, all you have to do is “like” the Pacific Cookie Company Facebook page, look out for the daily Word of the Day and say the magic word when you ask for your free cookie. Getting a free cookie couldn’t be any easier, though your days of free cookie giveaways might be numbered.

Location: 2309 Telegraph Ave.

2. J-Town Express

J-Town is a one-stop shop for all things adorable. The store sells everything from exquisite flower teapot sets to stationery to Japanese gummy candy molding sets. If you like complicated-looking instant ramen, this place is the answer to your dreams. If you like Totoro, you’ll probably faint from overexcitement once you step into the store.

Even better, there’s an opportunity to get free merchandise. The store manager posts two different, random names every day on a large, white piece of paper on their outside window. If your name happens to be one of the names that they post, just show them you student ID and you’ll receive a gift of your choosing from the baskets of trinkets they provide. You can get a free gift on your birthday, as well.

Location: 2332 Telegraph Ave.

3. Andronico’s

A great alternative to Trader Joe’s and Safeway, Andronico’s is a small grocery store that offers a 5% discount every day to Cal students when they show their IDs.  However, keep in mind that you must fill out a fast discount card application as well. So the next time you need some baby spinach or kombucha squash, make sure to stop by Andronico’s and check out their lucrative, wallet-friendly grocery deals.

Location: 1550 Shattuck Ave.

4. Berkeley Art Museum Bookstore

Take a load off by visiting the Berkeley Art Museum and appreciating some fine art.  Not only can you relieve your stress while roving amidst beautiful paintings and artwork, you can also get a 10 percent discount as you hunt for souvenirs at the bookstore afterwards by showing your Cal ID card.

Location: 2155 Center St.

5.  Student Advantage Card

Sign up for a Student Advantage card today and receive lucrative discounts from over seventy businesses including Foot Locker (10 percent off purchases of $50 or more), AMC Entertainment (40 percent off prepaid tickets) and Lyft (get one first free ride up to $10).  With just a small fee of $35, students can enjoy up to four years of wallet-saving discounts.  For those who just want to try out the card, a $20 option for one year is also available.

Location: Sign up online

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