Picks of the week: For free (mostly)

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Now that you’re done with midterms, the last thing you’ll probably want to do is study some more. But why not take the opportunity to learn some new things while your brain’s still a sponge and explore the Bay Area at the same time? From the history of west American art to the local lit scene that your computer science class will never cover, there are plenty of topics to expand your mind with. Best of all? Almost all of these events are free.

Tuesday: de Young Museum and Legion of Honor free admission day

If you’ve always wanted to take an art history class but Cal Central ruined your hopes and dreams, take advantage of free admission day. For the first Tuesday of every month, there’s no need to take out your wallet at the de Young and Legion of Honor museums; tickets are free. Catch technicolor palettes and gas station motifs at the de Young’s Ed Ruscha and the Great American West exhibit before it leaves Oct. 9. Or, examine the 2,600-year-old mummies at the Legion of Honor. Here’s a tip: Write down your favorite artists and pieces on the Notes app so you won’t forget to look them up later!

Thursday: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive free first Thursday

No need to hop on BART for this free gallery day. Brush up on your art knowledge right here at the BAMPFA by checking out the Berkeley Eye: Perspectives on the Collection and Push and Pull exhibits. After contemplating all of the canvases in the museum, enjoy a coffee at Babette, BAMPFA’s sleek-yet-rustic cafe. And stick around until 7 p.m. — BAMPFA will be screening Milos Forman’s beautiful and charming period drama “Amadeus,” which swept the 1984 Oscars.

Friday: SFMOMA’s “Modern Cinema” series: “Rashomon”

SFMOMA and San Francisco Film Society’s new film series “Modern Cinema” delves into the constantly evolving relationship between movies of the past and present. Keeping with theme “Haunted by Cinema,” SFMOMA will screen Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon,” the acclaimed thriller that follows the murder of a samurai and the rape of his wife. “Rashomon” explores the philosophy of justice and truth and is a classic that will definitely build up your film buff cred.

Saturday: Litquake

For those who love to read and go beyond the R1A/R1B series without majoring in English literature, look no further than Litquake, San Francisco’s nine-day-long literary festival. The Saturday lineup is chock full of fun and worthwhile events. Throughout the day, you can attend poetry readings, pick up free books and hear famous Bay Area writers perform dramatic readings of one-star reviews of canonical masterpieces. Litquake will definitely give you a taste of the Bay Area’s literature scene.


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