5 hacks for room decorations

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We at the Clog are tired of running to Walgreens at the last minute for random things we didn’t realize we would need. Whether it be inspiration, vases or pencil holders, we present to you a list of simple and cheap ways to decorate your room.

1. It’s your birthday, or perhaps you just finished a performance, and your friends have given you a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They’re beautiful indeed, but as a college student on a budget, you just don’t have a vase lying around in your room, and unfortunately, Walgreens doesn’t sell vases. Fear not! We have a solution for you: Cut the top of a soda bottle off with scissors, starting from the point on the bottle where the width of the top of the bottle is the same as the width of the bottom of the bottle. Take off the soda or juice label from around the bottle, and tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the bottle. Cut the stems of the flowers, fill your vase with water, and then put the flowers into your new chic and cheap vase.  

Flower Vase

Avanti Mehrotra/Staff

2. In need of a pencil holder for your desk but have a cup, mug or mason jar? Use a decorative mug or jar to hold all your pens and pencils. This is really convenient, especially since you probably have one lying around in your room. If your mug is clear or white, you can even use colored sharpies to decorate it.

Pencil Jar

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3. If you want an inspirational quote to wake up to every morning, but don’t want to wait for seven to 10 days of shipping, make a poster yourself. All you need is construction paper or, if you’re feeling especially artsy, card stock from Michael’s. Glue two pieces of paper (or card stock) together, and cut out letters for the quote of your choice. You’ll save yourself $20, not to mention the agony you’d feel waiting for your poster to arrive in the mail. 

Inspirational Quotes

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4. Polaroid pictures are the new trend these days, but polaroid cameras and their film are actually pretty expensive — definitely not something all of us college students can afford. So, what do you do? Make your own polaroid pictures! Cut out rectangles of white paper (3 inches by 5 inches), and then glue your pictures onto the paper, leaving two to three inches of space above each photo. Punch a hole at the top of each rectangle, string a piece of yarn through the holes on each rectangle, and hang your DIY polaroid pictures on your wall using push pins #sohipster.

5. A great use of space is to turn your bed into a reading nook. Get three cushions or colored pillows, and place them against the wall on one of the corners of your bed. Place a blanket on the end of the bed for extra comfort. You now have another spot to sit and study, or host guests, aside from your desk chair.

Enjoy using your small amount of space more efficiently than ever!

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