‘Life of Pablo’ lyrics that explain Berkeley moments

Jenny Wu/Staff

Although there are some things that are “so Berkeley,” Kanye most certainly would not be classified as such a thing. However, we at the Clog looked through some of his lyrics this week to find the ones that best described our lovely college town.

“I can’t let these people play me, Name one genius that ain’t crazy”

This lyric from his song “Feedback” best describes large lectures like Chemistry 3A and Computer Science 61A when you look around and see that people are already studying for the first midterm on the first day of class.

“This is a god dream, this is a god dream, this is everything”

A lyric from Kanye’s song “Ultralight Beam,” this best describes the feeling when the cashier at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza hands over the pizza and you enter cheese heaven.

“Couldn’t tell you much about the fam though, I just showed up for the yams though”

Honestly same, Kanye. Ty Dolla Sign brings this lyric to Kanye’s song “Real Friends,” and it’s most relatable to Berkeley when there’s an alumni event anytime on campus. Where there’s alumni, there’s bound to be free food.

“How many of us? How many of us are real friends, to real friends, to the real end, ’til the wheels fall off, ’til the wheels don’t spin?”

This lyric from “Real Friends” describes working in a group project and having none of the project members reply to any of your messages. Read receipts exist for a reason, people.

“I just copped a jet to fly over personal debt”

From the song “Famous,” this lyric best describes the feeling right after you fail a midterm. After a particularly hard test, thoughts of escaping Berkeley by crawling down Piedmont Avenue and away from your ever-growing money problems and responsibilities seem like a more viable option than ever.

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