Tunesday: Soundtrack to prevent the ‘dying’ in studying

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Not only will this Tunesday help convince your parents that you’re not throwing away your tuition, it might actually help you fight through what seem like endless distractions — streaming Netflix, shamelessly dancing around the house in your PJs for three hours too long, fighting the urge to just nap on Memorial Glade all day — and study. With this playlist in the background, you might not have to lie to them about staying in on a Friday night after all.

“Ivy” (Karaoke Version) by Frank Ocean

For those who grew up listening to Mozart from conception, a piano ballad may be the best solution to streamline your thoughts. If you want a more current ensemble, however, listen to the instrumental version of “Ivy” by Frank Ocean. Stripping Frank Ocean’s voice alters the song completely, transforming it from a melancholy ballad to a more upbeat study tune that doesn’t remind you of a 90-year-old man sitting behind a baby grand.

“Needed Me” (saxophone cover) by Rihanna

Instrumental covers are a great way to transform a club banger into a study jam. While the tune still holds true to the song we’ve all screamed with our friends at one point or another, the lack of words makes it the perfect background music to finish that four-page reading response due at midnight you’ve been putting off.

“Cruel World” by Justin Lavish

If you find yourself still distractedly singing along to the instrumental covers of familiar songs and need something completely foreign to focus your attention, check out Justin Lavish’s own mix. The instrumental track, inspired by beats produced by artists such as RZA and Kanye West, is mellow enough to calm down anxious minds rushing to finish an essay but upbeat enough to keep the momentum going.

“Grace” by Jacob Banks

If you ever need a motivational song to carry you through that last part of lab, Jacob Banks has you covered with “Grace” — a song that slowly lifts you up and prepares you for battle. Sometimes all we need is a number that could easily be played in the background of a “Suits” episode to make us feel like the hustle is worth it.

“Don’t You Wait” by Solange

While every song on Solange’s latest album A Seat at the Table could bode well for studying, “Don’t You Wait” is one of the more upbeat tracks off the album. It’s not aggressive enough to stop you from functioning but is still beautiful enough to put a smile on your tired face overtaken by heavy eyebags.

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