Cal athletes who should be on The Bachelor

‘Three years ago, we watched an episode of “The Bachelor” for the first and last time. It wasn’t until we came to UC Berkeley that we realized the insane fanaticism surrounding it. So in order to help quench the thirst of those desperately awaiting the show’s return, here are some Cal student-athletes who we think should be featured on the Bear edition of “The Bachelor.”

Meet sophomore soccer player Halil Beqaj. When he’s not on the field kicking the ball around, playing FIFA with friends or watching soccer, he can be found reclining to “Grey’s Anatomy” or his favorite movie, “Good Will Hunting.” His curious nature inspires a passion for reading about the fundamentals of the world. And with his molecular and cell biology major, Halil hopes to one day be a renowned neurosurgeon. Could this possibly be McDreamy 2.0?

Meet Bjorn Hoffman, a freshman on the Cal men’s tennis team who played his first college match of the season Sept. 23 The long hours Bjorn spends on the tennis courts prove how important dedication and commitment are to him. In between schoolwork and swinging his racket, Bjorn enjoys watching reruns of “The Office” or kicking back to his favorite movie “The Breakfast Club.” Wow, sensitive and athletic!

Meet junior swimmer Connor Hoppe. Not only did he make it to the semifinals of the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 100-meter breaststroke, but he’s also a pre-med major. Aside from making waves in the pool and studying human anatomy, Connor can either be found watching his favorite movie, “Singin’ in the Rain,” or rattling around in the the kitchen baking his preferred dessert — chocolate chip cookies. What can’t this guy do?

Meet Robert Brandt, a sophomore on the cross country and track teams. He placed second in his first race of the season, while also managing to balance his pre-Haas workload. When he’s not busy doing hill repeats or graphing supply and demand curves, Robert likes to relax by watching his favorite movie, “Forrest Gump.” And being a true Southern California boy at heart, he also enjoys fishing, playing with his dog and surfing … long walks on the beach anyone?

Meet Vincent Johnson, a redshirt junior on the football team. Aside from being incredibly passionate about the game of football, Vincent values the bonds he has with friends above all. In the limited hours that he does not have practice, he spends a lot of time listening to music and attending concerts. And when he wants to wind down, Vincent loves watching “How I Met Your Mother” or his favorite movie “The Titanic.” If you need a shoulder to cry on, then he’s your guy.

Meet senior rower Justin Murphy. He pretty much spends all of his early mornings and afternoons at crew practice, but somehow makes time to be involved outside of the water. He not only loves politics, chess and literature, but he’s also an Eagle Scout. Justin absolutely appreciates a great chef, and while enjoying his grandmother’s home-cooked meals, he can be found reading about World War II or passionately discussing the history of ancient Rome. Who doesn’t love deep, intellectual conversations?

Cal Athletics sure has a stacked list of eligible “bachelors.” Not only do they stand out in their respective sports, but also excel academically and really know how to make our hearts melt. These guys make choosing one over the others “the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.” Which one would you give the “final rose” to?

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