The most romantic situations on campus

As students, it’s difficult to balance our social and academic lives. We understand that romance is difficult to find when we can barely set aside time for ourselves, let alone for others. Luckily for you, lovesick reader, we at the Clog consider ourselves to be love gurus. Follow our advice, and you’ll be on your next rendezvous in no time.

The waffle line at Crossroads

What’s sweeter than a Crossroad’s waffle with mounds of maple syrup and whipped cream? That’s right, you guessed it! Taking your future significant other to wait with you in line. While both of you wait to get closer to the waffle maker, then wait for your waffles to cook, then wait for them to cool down, you can discuss how much sweeter life would be if both of you shared a waffle. More romantic, and less caloric.


Perhaps you, or your (future) significant other, needs someone to spot them while they lift weights. Or, maybe it’s later in the afternoon and the other person absolutely needs a buddy to walk with to the gym. The RSF is far enough away from campus that you can get a good conversation in, not to mention a stellar workout learning how to bench press.

Sproul Plaza at noon

Maybe you run into each other as you both try to avoid getting another flier. Or maybe you turn to each other to discuss the protest in front of Sproul Hall. Or, maybe you’re both waiting in line to check-in for Calapalooza. No matter how you meet on Sproul, you can easily turn the encounter into a romantic date. Between the Krispy Kreme donuts being sold by various clubs and the water fountain that sometimes has foam in it, Sproul will definitely be a romantic encounter to remember.

Walking back from campus at night

Office hours that go late into the night suck. Late night midterm review sessions that last until after 10 p.m. also suck. Yet no matter where you’re walking to or from, you and your potential significant other can re-route your path so that you pass the Campanile. There’s nothing more romantic than discussing a CS problem as you walk by the Campanile, where the only light shining down on both of you and the bell tower is that of the moon.

Your building’s laundry room

Purposely forget your quarters in your room and wait for your future husband or wife to arrive with a bag of quarters. Gently ask them if they’d be willing to lend you nine quarters. Then, ask them how to use the machine. Now, not only have you had an in-depth conversation with them, but you’ve also secured an opportunity to meet again to return their money. Being 10 steps ahead at all times never hurts. Maybe you can even study together while you wait for your laundry to finish drying.

The 10th floor of Evans

If you’re feeling especially romantic, surprise the other person by taking them to Evans Hall. We know that Evans isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing building on campus, but the 20-minute wait for the elevator to take you up to the 10th floor is worth the delay. Once you see the view from the 10th floor, Evans will be you and your date’s favorite building of all time.

Good luck as you attempt to find that special someone on campus. If you follow our ideas, we know your social life will be booming in absolutely no time.

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