Campus worthy of epic shame for ending disabilities program

Hannah Cooper/Staff

I have been a part of campus life at Berkeley since 1970 as student, staff and now retiree. I do not recall ever having been as shocked and mortified as I was in learning that because of the inability to fund $209,000, we lost more than $300,000 in California state funds and left 60 disabled students in the lurch without some essential services all this according to the San Francisco Chronicle and The Daily Californian. To make it look even worse, according to an article published Oct. 4 by the Daily Cal, UC Berkeley will be the ONLY one of 12 universities statewide who have responded to the requirement by eliminating the program. What embarrassing reading for our university!

O tempora, O mores.

How can this inhumane program cut be countenanced by campus administrators? I should think every high paid administrator would leap to voluntarily contribute part of his or her salary before announcing such a cruel and vicious blow to those least able to bear hardship. Or start a “GoFundMe” website, embarrassing as that would be to our proud school. Surely some of our elite, well-endowed sports programs could be stripped of some gilding off their lily to make sure that people in wheelchairs or with severe physical problems are not made to suffer.

I hope to read that this decision has been swiftly reversed and some means found to restore these services (with apologies for any delays) as quickly as possible. I don’t think I have ever been so completely disappointed in campus administration, and that is saying a lot. It is simply shameful.

David Kessler is a retired Bancroft Library staff member.

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