Clark Kent in East Asian Library, Superman on Sproul

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OCTOBER 10, 2016

Here on campus, it can often be difficult to see ourselves as stars. When the sleep deprivation, shortage of clean clothes and lack of social interactions hit like a ton of bricks, we become dejected. Yet, as every gossip magazine eternally preaches, stars are “just like us.” And thus we, too, have alter egos that we can tap into at different places on campus, most notably the library.

Every single one of us can reach an existential state that allows us to believe we’ve spiritually connected with the walls of Doe. Not only do your study habits border on religious, but you also tend to dress the part. You enter into full body metamorphosis for these moments of academic intensity. To help get in touch with our library alter ego, we’ve kindly noted some steps to help channel our most studious selves.

Nothing really sets the academic mood better than glasses. Whether you’re one of the fortunate souls that has not yet reached the need for spectacles, are a contact-wearer or are a frequent rocker of the four-eyed look, it appears that glasses have a rather profound effect in the academic field. 

With this in mind, glasses-wearer or not, attempt to throw on a pair of frames and wait and see the immediate change in your studious abilities from ordinary to extraordinary. Glasses alone have the power to make you feel like you’re intellectual as hell, and consequently, are dynamite at getting those creative juices flowing.

One of the most imperative components of one’s scholastic identity is their study playlist. Though Drake and Beyoncé might define our daily musical lives, our essay and reading music often takes a drastic turn.

Often times our astute selves dabble in the world of classical music, jazz or even nature sounds. But, some hardcore individuals prefer violently aggressive EDM to get their essay flowing. But, when you become intimately familiar with Beethoven and Duke Ellington, you know it’s going to be a long week.

In addition to the glasses, every individual, without fail, has a rather distinct study style. We all have that one pair of sweats, blanket or even poncho that we can’t focus without.

Nothing helps you get in touch with your creativity more than a dope pair of sloth socks and water sandals. It seems as though every study space on this campus is also a part of the north pole, so it’s completely natural for us to ditch our socially acceptable day-time outfits for a cozy Patagonia and sweats that feel like a full-time hug.

Though the right apparel definitely kick starts the study process, nothing quite gets us in the mood like our favorite study position. Whether it’s curling into a ball in your chair in the library, sprawling out all of your limbs and materials alike, or the laid-back legs-up and reclined position, nothing gets you in the zone quite like your signature study pose.

Whether it’s the glasses, the Bach, the sloth socks and sandals combo or the fetal position we take while reading, one of ourselves is not quite like the other. 

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OCTOBER 09, 2016