5 things that are less pointless than a 4-year plan

Alvin Wu/File

Even if clowns are running around Berkeley scaring people to death, all is okay in the world as long as you have a four-year plan. That’s what seems to be the mentality at Berkeley, anyway. It seems everywhere you go, people are freaking out about not getting off the waitlist or having to pass/no pass a class because it messes up their great plan. But at UC Berkeley, where there’s more students than pairs of white Converse at a dimly lit basement party, and CalCentral is a website made from the Stone Ages, nothing pertaining to academics is predictable. Here’s a list that the Clog made of things that are less pointless than a four-year plan to reassure you that you don’t have to have your entire life planned out to succeed.

Taking the 52 bus down Bancroft 

There are so many pedestrians trying to make the deathly walk from Strada to Kroeber Fountain that if you take the bus, by the time you make it to class every seat will have been filled, and you’ll be left sitting on the floor feeling like a disgruntled dwarf. Still, taking the bus makes more sense than making a plan.

Actually buying a cookie from Pacific Cookie Company

Each day, Pacific Cookie Company posts a “word of the day” on their Facebook page. If you go into the store and say the word of the day, they’ll give you a free cookie. When you reach the point in your life where the cashier has a disappointed look every time you enter the store at noon, you know you’re doing something right.

Studying at the beginning of dead week 

You have seven days to mentally prepare for the failing of your exams, so surely you don’t need to study in the beginning of the week. Additionally, you don’t know the exam schedule of classes you’ve planned to take two years in advance. So, even if you do have all of college planned out, it might be that some classes will have conflicting midterms and/or final exams, making you unable to take them.

Trying to find dignity after reading the texts you sent the night before 

No matter what you do, that dignity can no longer be found. Silently mourn the dignity’s death while praying for new dignity to come along the following week. At least you’re not this kid.

Flying out of SFO 

If you somehow manage to make it down to the Bart station to catch the right train, survive the hoards of sound asleep grandmothers, uptight business men and intoxicated people throwing cans at the opposing wall, and then, on top of all that, make it through the impossibly long lines at SFO, then you’re a miracle baby. Walking home, or flying out of Oakland if you’re a rational human, makes much more sense than flying out of SFO.

So, there really is no point in making a drawn-out plan. Some of the classes you want to take will be cancelled, or the professor will leave or Wheeler will randomly go under construction. In theory, having a plan can help you momentarily to de-stress, but in the long run, not following every step of the plan will make it seem like life is falling apart when it really isn’t.

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