A eulogy to Ramona’s Café

Zach Ryan/Staff

We at the Clog thought we would’ve recovered by now after Ramona’s sudden departure. Gone are the days of delicious, freshly made paninis as well as the days of spicy teriyaki bowls that weren’t actually spicy. We didn’t believe it when campus told us Ramona’s was closing, but at the same time, we thought we would’ve moved on to the other meal point cafés on campus by now.

Yet the void that was created in our hearts has not been filled. We think about Ramona’s every single day. We walk by expecting the fancy San Francisco café to have opened, to be bustling with students willing to pay cash and pretending that Ramona’s never existed.

Instead, the Ramona’s sign still stands, almost as a reminder of the delicious food we can never have again (shout out to the chewiest cookies we’ve ever eaten). We miss the warm smiles on those rainy November mornings, and we miss admiring the tall athletes that always ate there as well.

It’s difficult to imagine how we can go on with the rest of our college careers, when besides Pat Brown’s (which is far away from civilization), it seems that the only places that take meal points serve wraps. Ramona’s was unique and constant in our lives, and suddenly, we came back from break and it was taken away from us.

We feel sad and empty, but perhaps it’s best that we recover quickly, otherwise we may never enjoy other food on campus again. All we can hope for is that Ramona’s is in a better place now. We hope that she is happy and content with her life here at UC Berkeley. We will never forget Ramona’s and will always have a place for it in our hearts.

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