5 things you didn't miss about rain days

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Kayla Baskevitch/Staff


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OCTOBER 18, 2016

When you expect an advisory warning email from the Berkeley Police Department more than you expect rain, you know something’s wrong with the world. Even though the rain this weekend was good for the earth, there were definitely some things we at the Clog didn’t miss about the water.

1. Having wet socks 

This is a feeling we at the Clog wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. There’s nothing worse in the world than not owning an umbrella. Since there’s apparently still a drought, you don’t think you’ll ever need one. You think your umbrella-less existence is as bad as it gets, but then, you realize you also don’t own waterproof and will consequently be spending countless days with wet socks and a permanent bitch face. Also accompanying this are the looks you get when your drenched body graces the back of a lecture hall with its presence and you finally get to shake out all of the water from your shoes onto the floor.

2. Going blind via other people’s umbrellas and lack of coordination

So, people on Sproul, you can dodge people with fliers effectively, but you never learned how to hold a puny umbrella? A rainy day is a death trap for your eyeballs: the amount of unsteady people swinging their huts of protection above their heads wildly about will have you wondering if the entire student population is on drugs.

3. Lack of people watching

The only entertaining thing that happens on the walk from GBC to Northside is the amount of people you see crying or the amount of small dogs to walk past. When it rains, your ability to see properly, as well as your ability to people watch, disappears. You become just a lonely, bored person walking to class with wet socks.

4. Amount of Snapchat stories posted about the rain

Didn’t go outside this weekend? That’s alright, just check Snapchat and you’ll feel like you did. There’s always an extraordinary amount of stories posted either about broken umbrellas, rain boots, wet hair and just water in general. California people are a different species.

5. Amount of people on the bus

While you’re usually alone on the struggle bus of laziness when you don’t feel like walking to class, on a rainy day you’re sure to be caught between a pole and someone’s ass right behind you. The amount of people on the bus combined with a slippery floor makes for great momentary heart attacks when you nearly slip and die and/or fall onto a pregnant woman’s lap.

Even though you had multiple free showers this weekend, you probably still won’t be buying an umbrella anytime soon because mistakes are made to be repeated. And even though humans shower almost everyday, you’ll still keep seeing Snapchats of wet hair when it rains. Until next time, rainy days. At least you give us a good reason to miss class.

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OCTOBER 17, 2016