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Quiz: What should you eat if you're sick?

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OCTOBER 18, 2016

Around this time of the semester, everyone starts to get sick. With midterm season never ending, it’s important to stay your healthiest. Here at Eating Berkeley, we put together a quiz to help you decide what to eat if you’re sick.


  1. How do you feel right now?
    1. Pretty good, actually. Never been better. I could run a marathon right now!
    2. On the verge of becoming sick…
    3. So sick I can’t get out of bed.
  2. Does anything hurt?
    1. Nope!
    2. Well, I kind of have a headache from sitting in Main Stacks for too long.
    3. More like does anything not hurt? I can’t even get up.
  3. Are you getting enough sleep?
    1. Heck yeah, I’m getting in my eight hours per night.
    2. I think so, the four-six hours I sleep are normal, so I think I’m doing pretty well.
    3. Sleep? What is sleep? I have heard of no such thing.
  4. Have you been eating well?
    1. Yup! I’m the poster child for healthy eating.
    2. I eat some fruit, get in some veggies and make sure to eat some protein.
    3. I’ve been living off of caffeine pills, coffee and crackers.
  5. Have you been drinking enough liquids?
    1. I’m making sure to drink half my body weight in water every day.
    2. I drink water when I’m thirsty?
    1. You should eat some ice cream. You can afford it. You seem to be doing pretty well this cold season (unlike a majority of your friends). You deserve some icy cold, creamy goodness. Keep up your good habits!
    2. Try eating some garlic. You’re kind of sick but not quite sick, though you’re getting there. Combat the cold that’s coming your way by adding some garlic to your food. Garlic is an extremely powerful antioxidant with antiviral and antibiotic properties. A spoonful of this good stuff and you’ll be feeling better.
    3. You need some chicken soup. You’re sick, so sick that your professors are telling you not to come to class because you’re probably contagious. Get some real food into your system and please go to sleep in your bed (not at a cubicle in Main Stacks). Take care of yourself. If not for yourself, do it for us here at Eating Berkeley.



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OCTOBER 17, 2016