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Quiz: Which Pacific Cookie Company cookie Are You?

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OCTOBER 18, 2016

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t resist the temptation of a freshly-baked cookie from the Pacific Cookie Company. Whether the weather’s pouring buckets or hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, there just isn’t an obstacle powerful enough to shift our hungry predator’s gaze away from the perfectly aligned rows of tantalizing cookies. But since eating cookies everyday is probably not the best idea, we’ll just satisfy our cookie cravings today (or maybe exacerbate them) by creating this quiz to help you figure out just which Pacific Cookie Company cookie you are.


  1. What’s your favorite smell?
    1. The deep, rich smell of dark chocolate.
    2. The tangy smell of freshly picked lemons.
    3. The nutty smell of toasted almonds.
  2. What’s your favorite fruit?
    1. Chocolate-covered strawberries, but mostly because of the chocolate.
    2. Lemons, of course.
    3. Coconut! Everything coconut!
  3. What’s your favorite animal?
    1. A black Labrador. Dogs make for great best friends.
    2. A bunny. Bunnies are so cute and fluffy.
    3. A squirrel. Squirrels love acorns, which are basically like almonds.
  4. What’s your take on life in general?
    1. There’s no problem in life that can’t be solved with a little chocolate.
    2. Ugh, life’s pretty sour. Nothing ever goes my way.
    3. Sometimes, bad things happen. But all you really have to do is just eat a few almonds and move on.
  5. Where’s your favorite place to be?
    1. Any place with chocolate is fine by me!
    2. My family’s lemon orchard is the most serene place I can imagine.
    3. Hawaii. So many coconuts, so many possibilities.
  6. What’s your favorite hobby?
    1. Baking triple chocolate brownies. And eating them.
    2. Picking and smelling lemons from the orchard.
    3. Power-snacking on almonds as I study.
  7. Do you have anything else to declare?
    2. No, I’m good. I don’t like to speak excessively.
    3. I’m really nervous about my upcoming midterm.
    1. Congratulations! You’re officially qualified to be a Dr. Midnight. With three kinds of rich, tantalizing chocolate, you and this fanciful concoction were meant to be.
    2. Absolutely amazing! You’re definitely a lemon drop cookie. Tangy, buttery and made with pure lemon extract, this cookie was made because of people like you.
    3. Wow! You’ve got all the qualities of an Almond Joe. A delicious take on a chocolate chip cookie, the Almond Joe’s chock-full of almonds and coconut. You’ve basically found your soul mate with this little quiz.



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OCTOBER 17, 2016