Quiz: Which bus are you?

Benjamin Shenouda/File

Although the bus system at Berkeley can be less reliable than Chancellor Dirks, it has definitely saved us in moments of desperation. As a tribute to this wonderfully annoying transportation system that we have, we at the Clog decided to make a quiz so you can find out which AC Transit bus you connect with the most.

  1. How late are you to events?
    1. At least 10 minutes late.
    2. A queen is never late; the others are simply early.
    3. I show up right at the end.
  2. What is your favorite place in the Bay Area?
    1. Oakland/Downtown Berkeley
    2. San Francisco
    3. Where there are no people
  3. How many classes do you miss on average per week?
    1. None.
    2. Too many. There are too many other things I could be doing with my short attention span, and sitting in class isn’t one of them.
    3. 2-3
  4. Do you take the same route to class everyday?
    1. Sometimes.
    2. Not all who wander are lost.
    3. Depends on how many people I’m avoiding.
  5. What’s your favorite mode of transportation?
    1. Riding on a pledge’s back.
    2. The bus, duh.
    3. Anything but walking.
  6. Favorite bus related thing?
    1. “Wheels on the Bus” song by Raffi.
    2. The Magic School Bus books.
    3. I’m more of a train person.
  7. How unreliable are you?
    1. Eh, probably a three out of 10 on the scale of unreliability.
    2. It’s rampant throughout my DNA.
    3. More unreliable than a professor saying, “Oh, you’ll get off the waitlist no problem.”
    1. You’re the 52. You’re usually a little late to most things, but you come through when it really matters. You’re also a creature of habit  —you like to order the same food at restaurants just like the drivers on the 52 route will consistently ask for your Cal 1 Card, even when you’re more decked out in Cal apparel than the student store. Where do you think we go to school?
    2. You’re the F. You like to do your own thing. You go your own route, and whenever you’re out in a social setting with someone, it’ll only be 10 minutes before they turn around and you’re nowhere to be found. Sometimes you’ll randomly decide to buy concert tickets instead of studying for a midterm because you know your priorities.
    3. You’re the 49. Dude, it’s time to start getting your shit together. You’re late to almost everything, but people also forgive you because you’re lovable. There’s always some drama going on in your life, and you’re most definitely not a morning person, either.

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