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OCTOBER 19, 2016

The dining hall can sometimes be an unexpectedly romantic place. There are countless opportunities for love when you walk into a place like Crossroads, and because we know you probably don’t believe us right now, we’ve outlined five possible romantic interactions you can have in the dining hall.

1. A forbidden salad bar romance

You decided to take the healthy route today and make yourself a nutritious salad at Crossroads. You pick up a bowl and reach for the romaine. As you grasp for the salad tongs, the tips of your fingers touch the tips of theirs. You both feel the spark as your hands touch and look up through the plexiglass spit guard. You’re eyes lock and you both hesitate. The connection between you two is confirmed when you both reach for the obscure raspberry vinaigrette. It’s true love.

2. Outdoor Croads date

You and your crush decide to go to lunch at a local favorite: Crossroads. You opt for the outdoor quad for a more intimate dining experience. This is the perfect setting for any date. Bringing some tea lights and a checkered table cloth can really complete the romantic date vibes. Don’t forget to bring a speaker to play songs of love for your classy date.

3. Italian dinner at the Cal Zone

The person you’ve been eyeing in class all semester is making a plate of pasta at the Cal Zone in Crossroads. You spot them from across the room, fix your hair and walk over. You chat for a bit and decide to sit down together. Before you know it you’re eating spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp. All that’s missing from this picture is a bottle of red wine.

4. A rendezvous through the “local cheese bar”

Hit up the local cheese bar with your cutie on your next romantic Crossroads date. Not only will you both be instantly more cultured eating locally sourced cheeses, but cheese plates are the perfect date food. Wishing you could complete the date with a wine tasting? Go to the soda fountain for a sample of that delicious bubbly.

5. Stolen glances at the singles’ bar

You’re alone at Crossroads, so to avoid awkward table seating, you sit at the bar. As you’re quietly eating your freshly made panini you notice a cutie from the corner of your eye. They’re also sitting alone listening to music to escape the Crossroads loneliness. They notice you too and quickly push their plate down next to yours and introduce themselves. You guys hit it off and fall in love.

Now try and tell us you can’t find romance in the dining halls.

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OCTOBER 19, 2016