No on 65, yes on 67: Uphold plastic bag ban

Kristine Wong/Staff

Who would have thought the plastic bag industry could be capable of such madness? It’s responsible for pushing Proposition 65, a confusing, deceptive ballot measure and is trying desperately to make plastic bags flow freely through the stores and sewers of California once more.

Proposition 65 would allocate the funds for the sale of carry-out bags to the wildlife conservation board. Sounds good and environmentally friendly on (nonrecycled) paper, right? But its success hinges on voters overturning the plastic bag ban. Enter Proposition 67: the referendum on the plastic bag ban.

The whole point of Proposition 65 is to trick the people of California into disposing of the ban on plastic bags under the guise that the new funding will help the environment. Sneaky stuff, plastic bag industry.

Its efforts to deceive voters are as transparent as plastic. Those who care at all about the environment ought to vote yes on Proposition 67 and uphold the state’s ban on plastic bags. They ought to then vote no on Proposition 65 and send a message to the plastic bag industry that its trickery will not go unpunished.

We can barely believe the industry is this conniving, frankly. But we do appreciate the chance to bag on it.

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