Yes on 59: Against Citizens United decision

Kristine Wong/Staff

The fact that it’s purely symbolic doesn’t make Proposition 59 any less important. It would tell California’s elected officials to do everything in their power to overturn Citizens United.

Of course, that would actually take a more favorable Supreme Court or a movement to amend the Constitution, not just the passion of legislators.

But there’s also no harm in saying loud and clear that the good people of California don’t believe that millions of dollars in shady money should drive election discourse. Corporations aren’t people, and arguing that their expenditures are the equivalent of free speech is absurd.

Giving corporations the power to buy election outcomes was a damn irresponsible move by the men and women who claim to uphold the Constitution — and sometimes, the louder and longer you scream, the greater likelihood there is for change.

So vote yes on Proposition 59. It may be symbolic, but it sends a message. California, which has the largest state population in the U.S., shouldn’t stand behind that 2010 decision. Let’s fight to overturn it — that’s as simple as a vote.

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