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Rainy day pick up lines

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OCTOBER 25, 2016

Stormy skies. Drenched clothes. Sticky skin. Sounds like a romantic’s wet dream come to life. Take advantage of the falling temperatures and melt your cold heart by finding your bae in the Bay Area. More than half of the semester has already passed, and time is running out. Now’s your chance to test the fortunes of love, and you too can achieve your Jane Austen-esque relationship just before the holidays. Look, we all want to be proposed to in the pouring rain, Elizabeth Bennet style. With these pick up lines in mind, we at the Clog will equip you with the necessary tools to spend your future rainy days indoors with that special someone.

  1. You must be controlling the weather because you’re making me wet.
  2. (To be said on top of the Campanile) It might be cloudy, but I still have the best view.
  3. Are you an umbrella? Because I’d like to be under you.
  4. If you were fog, I’d get lost in your depths.
  5. Since we’re Bears, want to hibernate from the storm together?
  6. You remind me of a thunderstorm: positively striking.
  7. Strawberry Creek must be flooding by now, want to take a swim together?
  8. Want to head back to the Units and get out of these wet clothes?
  9. I’m like a cloud, making it rain all day.
  10. I see a “cum”-ulonimbus cloud in your future.
  11. I know this rain is good for the environment and all, but I was hoping you could focus on ending my drought?
  12. (To be said while Sproul Plaza is flooding) Don’t worry, I’ll sweep you off your feet and protect you from the water. (Carry them across Sproul Plaza.)
  13. Are you cold? Because I know a way to warm you up.
  14. Today is going to be cloudy with a chance of me.
  15. Let’s stop squirreling around and make out under the umbrellas at the Golden Bear Café.
  16. I should call you rainbow, because you’re passing with flying colors.
  17. (When walking by Cafe Milano) Want to take shelter from the storm and get a cup of coffee together?
  18. Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d like to rain all over you.
  19. Too bad it’s raining instead of snowing because I want to O-ski with you.
  20. I’m not a weatherman, but know that you’re getting a lot of inches tonight.

If all does not go well, we are not responsible for potential waterworks.

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OCTOBER 25, 2016