Quiz: Are you ready for the rain?

Lauren Glasby/Senior Staff

Despite the fact that the weather has been all over the place these past few weeks — brace yourself, Berkeley, there’s a definite possibility that the rain is coming back! Because of the countless people in shorts and flip flops and the people in head-to-toe fancy rain gear, we thought this quiz would be helpful to gauge how prepared you are for the rain. The weather forecast says to expect rain for this week, how prepared are you for it?

  1. What type of jacket do you have for the rain?
    1. A cardigan, oh well
    2. A sweatshirt
    3. I’ve got a rain coat.
    4. Check out my collection …
  2. What shoes do you own for rainy weather?
    1. All I wear are flip flops, so this might be a problem.
    2. Uggs on Uggs on Uggs
    3. Crocs (don’t judge me)
    4. I’ve got really cute rain boots!
  3. How far do you live from where most of your classes are?
    1. I live on Southside and all my classes are in Tolman.
    2. I have classes all over campus.
    3. About a 15 minute walk.
    4. I leave two minutes into Berkeley time.
  4. Do you enjoy the rain?
    1. The dryer the better.
    2. I mean I guess California needs it.
    3. It’s nice occasionally.
    4. I live for cozy rainy days.
  5. Do you have an umbrella?
    1. I have a broken one somewhere under my bed.
    2. Does a poncho count?
    3. Yes, of course I have an umbrella!
    4. In what color?
    1. You really need to gather some stuff for the coming rain or else you’re definitely going to be miserable. Head over to the nearest Target and do yourself a favor by picking up some rain boots, a jacket and an umbrella.
    2. You do have some of the stuff you need, but you should probably pick up some proper clothes for the rain or else your trek to Northside won’t be very joyous.
    3. You should be a-ok for the rain coming this week (and this fall). It seems that you’ve pretty much you got all you need to survive pretty much any weather Berkeley throws at you.
    4. Saying that you’re prepared is an understatement considering the variety of rain gear you have ready at your beck and call. You’ve got what it takes to face just about any weather that the Bay Area throws at you.

The Clog hopes you’re prepared for the rain and stay dry!

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