Our 3 favorite coffee shops

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Here at the Clog, we drink so much coffee that we’re surprised it hasn’t replaced the blood in our bodies. Feeling tired? Coffee. Midday slump? Coffee. Need to stay up to finish writing that paper? Coffee. Thirsty? Coffee. Hot out? Iced coffee. Freezing cold out? Hot coffee. Coffee, coffee and more coffee. To keep you caffeinated, we’re sharing some of our favorite coffee spots and drinks with our jittery, sleep-deprived readers.

Philz Coffee


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Philz Coffee is a little far from campus, with one location in the Gourmet Ghetto of North Berkeley and the other on College Avenue in South Berkeley, but we guarantee you that a coffee from Philz will be worth the trek. This is hands down our favorite coffee spot around. The baristas are friendly, the coffee choices are endless, and if you’re hungry, the pastry case has some pretty tasty looking goodies. The North Berkeley location has tons of seating, and the College Avenue location has some stellar seats as well, so this is the perfect weekend study spot. Our favorite drink is the Iced Philtered Soul. Order it sweet and creamy for a delicious treat.

Blue Bottle Coffee


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Blue Bottle recently opened in Downtown Berkeley. No longer will you have to make the trek to Oakland on the 51A. When you get there, go straight for the food and try the pistachio pound cake, or maybe you fancy some avocado toast. There’s a good amount of seating inside, so whether you’re looking for a place to sit down and leisurely sip away on your coffee or somewhere to finish that problem set, Blue Bottle is the perfect place for you. We’d suggest trying the New Orleans Iced Coffee, a perfectly sweetened iced coffee that’ll make you Blue Bottle’s biggest fan.

Caffe Strada

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Ethan Epstein/File

Need something quick on the way to class? Sick of meal point coffee at Peet’s? Caffe Strada is the perfect place to go. Whether you drink it black or full of cream and sugar, Strada’s got it all. With such an extensive menu and expansive seating, it’s no wonder that Strada is a favorite study spot of Berkeley students. There’s indoor seating, as well as heated outdoor seating . With tons of power outlets and plenty of sunshine, Strada is the perfect place to study at any time of day. Grab an Iced Mocha Bianca, and if you’re lucky enough, snag a table.

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