Editor’s note: Halloween issue 2016

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Ah, Halloween is in the air. The leaves are changing, the rain is falling and the ghosts are reemerging from the depths of Main Stacks. Though our noses are still grazing the pages of our course readers, because it seems everybody has a paper due or midterm on Halloween this year (pesky professors!), we at the Clog are committed to aiding our dear student body in thoroughly enjoying this spooky weekend.

Halloween often finds us yearning for pillowcases full of sugary treats, scary skeletal decor, pumpkin spice everything and particularly for costume ideas. For some reason, the costume is often the confounding factor during this chilling time of year. Luckily, we’ve provided ideas for those of you not quite in the Halloween spirit, those of you searching for the perfect couples costume and those of you mobbing with the #squad.

It can be easy to let your knees buckle under the weight of your school responsibilities, but we encourage you to let loose this weekend and relax for even just one night. Halloween is the only holiday where you get to take candy from strangers just because you’re dressed like a creature of the night. So escape the ghouls of Doe Library and simply enjoy yourself.

Peace, love and Clog.

Quiz: Which Halloween candy are you?


Let us tell you what Halloween candy you are based on your personality with our totally accurate quiz!

Easy Halloween costumes for spiritless students


If Halloween isn’t your thing, the Clog devised a few breezy costumes you can throw together in seconds.

Golden Bears or golden ghosts?


This Halloween, you might encounter spooky ghouls or ghosts of a completely different kind: old flames.

Dynamic duo Halloween costumes: UC Berkeley edition


If you’ve got a best friend and Cal pride, tout one of these topical UC Berkeley-themed couples costumes.

If Halloween candies were buildings on campus


Have you wondered whether Evans Hall embodies more completely Almond Joys or Mounds?

Cal-tastic designs for your pumpkin carvings


If you’re struggling to carve your big, meaty pumpkin, consider our werewolf-Nicholas-Dirks or Campanile designs.

#squadgoals: Halloween costumes for true Berkeley millennials


Going out in a group costume with your friends for Halloween is a staple of freshman year Halloween.

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