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OCTOBER 28, 2016

We all have our favorite and least favorite Halloween candies that we fish through and trade for after trick-or-treating. On the other hand, we all have our favorite and least favorite buildings to have class in or study at on campus. Although they may not seem comparable whatsoever on the surface, there are many similarities we at the Clog have drawn between typical Halloween candies and certain buildings on the UC Berkeley campus.

Almond Joy and Evans Hall

Michaela Swensen/File
Michaela Swensen/File

It’s pretty commonly known that Almond Joy is the ugly stepsister of all Halloween candy. Evans Hall is definitely not loved by the masses here at UC Berkeley — we clearly had to draw the comparison here. Just like you can find the occasional Evans Hall enthusiast, you can rarely find that kid who will trade all of your Almond Joys for Twix bars.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Dwinelle Hall

Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/File
Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/File

Because Dwinelle Hall is pretty basic and just about everyone has had a class here, we decided to match it with a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar. Dwinelle is a UC Berkeley classic, just as Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is a classic Halloween treat. You’re always pretty neutral to having a class in Dwinelle, just as you are to having a few Hershey’s in your trick-or-treat bag. In general, pretty “meh.” And, much like how you’re confused while finding rooms in Dwinelle, you may often find yourself confused by the slightly waxy flavor of Hershey’s.

Nerds and Doe Library

Edwin Cho/File
Edwin Cho/File

As self-explanatory as this one is, we had to include it. What better place to match Nerds up with the largest library at the nerdiest school, UC Berkeley! We pride ourselves here on our nerdiness and have no shame.

Salt Water Taffy and South Hall

Zainab Ali/File
Zainab Ali/File

Honestly, South Hall is just super old and Salt Water Taffy is totally an old-people candy. Simply nothing else about that hall is reminiscent of taffy, other than the fact that it’s pretty dated. I guess you could say both are somewhat charming and nostalgic.


Life Savers and Golden Bear Cafe

Jamin Kim-Sanders/File
Jamin Kim-Sanders/File

GBC is such a life saver when you’re starving on campus or desperately in need of a coffee to keep you pushing through your day. Seriously, where would we be without GBC? Oh yeah, probably at Crossroads.

Rolos and Pimentel Hall

Pimentel literally looks like a Rolo. Don’t believe us or don’t know what a Rolo is? It’s probably at the bottom of your candy bag and your parents probably told you not to eat them if you were given them while trick or treating (they can be easily tampered with because they’re wrapped in foil).

We at the Clog hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

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OCTOBER 30, 2016