#squadgoals: Halloween costumes for true UC Berkeley millennials

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Finding fun and clever Halloween costume ideas are hard enough on your own, but factor in an entire group and it seems nearly impossible. We at the Clog have thought up five perfect group costume ideas that not only represent the true UC Berkeley student but also encompass the nuances of being a millennial. Dress up as any one of the following, and you’ll be #squadgoals in all of your photos. 


crying laughing emoji

This idea has no number limit, so it’s perfect for a larger group. The application of this idea could go in two ways. You could use face paint and makeup to create the large variety of emoji faces available, but make sure they’re emotions you’ve experienced as a UC Berkeley student. These could be faces showing tiredness, stress, tears or, our personal favorite, the face without a mouth. You also have the option of physically dressing up as an emoji. If you’re an athlete, dress up like the ones playing sports, or if you’re that person in discussion who constantly has to answer the question, dress up like the person raising their hand.

If you really want to embrace the huge assortment of emojis out there, but still want to best represent UC Berkeley, try out those that aren’t used as much, such as the clock tower or the rain cloud. But, of course, the most iconic of all would be the squirrel emoji­ — it really doesn’t get more Berkeley than that. If you really want to set the #squadgoals bar high, it would be really adorable if a few of you dressed up as an emoji family to represent the close friendships you’ve made over the years here. Aww!


meme 5 final

Memes, along with the Kardashians, have become a defining feature of our generation. And if you need some meme-spiration, take a look at the Facebook page UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens.

A classic and easy costume option is Bad Luck Brian. The meme could read, “Finally has Phase 1 appointment, all classes are full.”

If you’re feeling up to getting more creative, dress up as Kermit the Frog with his tea. Caption the image, “When your friend goes out every night and complains about being broke, but that’s none of my business.”

Or, of course, Pepe the Frog is an all-time favorite. You could have him saying, “Confidently blurts out an answer in class, it’s wrong AF.”

The best way to show off your meme-ing abilities is to only talk and respond in the way your meme character would usually sound. For example, the Boromir meme always begins with “one simply does not.” For the perfect UC Berkeley twist, take that meme and make it, “One simply does not ace a midterm.”

If your entire group can completely pull off this idea, you’ll no doubt be the hit of the party, as well as the most iconic squad of the 21st century.

Snapchat geofilters



How can you even call yourself a millennial without dressing up as a snapchat geofilter? This is a great last-minute group costume idea because, well, it doesn’t even include costumes. As long as you make or buy simple props and are handy with a paint brush on some cardboard, you and your friends are going to look like you put in way more effort than you really did­. Plus, with so many geofilters to choose from, grab as many friends as you can and pull off as many filters as possible.

You could go for the more obvious options, like “This is bear territory,” or the simple “Cal” with the carton bear, but if you want to be more specific, go for those building geofilters. Evans Hall or the Campanile are timeless options here. And if you want to go all out with Snapchat, you could add on one of the face filters as well. The options range from simple butterfly and flower crowns, to full-on animal makeup, such as the dog or deer. If you’re feeling particularly courageous, try out the wackier filters, like the rainbow vomit or the face in the middle of a piece of toast. Bonus points if you can keep up the voice of your filter while dressed up.

Website Logos


Nothing shouts millennial more than the world wide web. We love it, we hate it (sometimes) and we really can’t live without it, so why not just be the internet for Halloween? This group costume idea is as simple as painting cardboard cutouts to resemble the icons representing the websites that UC Berkeley forces us to devote more time to than we’d like to admit — especially when its class scheduling time. These include CalCentral, BerkeleyTime, Rate My Professors and bCourses, just to name a few. And if you’re an older student, why not dress up as the Tele-BEARS or ScheduleBuilder logos, just for a fun little throwback? You’ll be taking the Halloween spirit to heart as you resurrect these websites from their forgotten pasts. What better way to pay homage to the virtual world we’re all inescapably linked to every day of our lives?

With these ideas, we already know that you and your friends are going to take group costumes to a whole other level. We at the Clog can’t wait to see your #squadgoals costumes this Halloween.

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