Dining hall DIYs

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Let’s face it. Most of the time, the dining halls are a disappointment. Unless you live in Foothill — in that case, we are jealous and you might as well stop reading. It’s the same old, same old every day, and all you want is something to spruce up your dining experience. You may believe that it’s borderline impossible to actually improve your bland, unchanging meals, but we’ve done some digging and found that it only takes a little DIY to get your food from zero to 100.

1. Heat up a brownie in the microwave and add frozen yogurt.  

Lucky for you, the dining halls have this thing called a microwave, which you can use to heat up those ice block brownies they serve to transform them into gooey, delicious brownies you’ve been craving ever since you left the comfort of your grandma’s baking. If you still aren’t satisfied or want to kick it up a notch, add a bit of vanilla frozen yogurt on top and enjoy an utterly delicious combo of warm chocolate and cool vanilla cream to end your meal on a good note.

2. Make your own mocha. 

Now the dining hall can be your one-stop shop for your gourmet coffee fix. Say goodbye to the days when you have to quickly finish your meal to beat the Peet’s Coffee and Tea line and use double the meal points. All you have to do is grab a mug, head to the Peet’s coffee station (usually located near the other drinks) and fill it up about halfway. Then, add sugar and chocolate milk. If you want some extra chocolatey goodness, add some chocolate syrup from the frozen yogurt station. If you’re there during brunch, top it off with some whipped cream from the waffle bar.

3. Sprinkle chocolate chips into your waffle. 

We have to admit, the waffles may be the best part of brunch. But if they aren’t hitting the spot for you, we have a simple fix. Grab the cup that you’ll be pouring your waffle batter in, take it over to the oh-so-versatile frozen yogurt station and fill it up with chocolate chips. Once your batter is in the waffle maker, be sure to sprinkle those chocolate chips in and voila, a new and improved waffle.

4. Make a root beer float.

Or whatever floats your boat. All you need to do is fill up a cup with the soda of your choice and add vanilla frozen yogurt. The yogurt usually sinks right to the bottom, which sort of defeats the purpose of calling it a “float,” but hey, at least you get some goodness for a couple seconds. And even after the yogurt melts, you get a frothy, creamy soda. It’s basically the best of both worlds. This is even better on those wonderful nights the dining halls are serving ice cream.

5. Add bread. 

Everything usually tastes better with bread, so if you’re sick of eating the same meals with a fork, grab two slices of bread and put the contents of your plate inside. Spaghetti sandwich? Chicken and rice sandwich? Yes. And hey, if you need to eat some vegetables, just slap them between two pieces of bread. It may very well just make the experience a tad more bearable.

Hopefully, these DIY tips will help improve your dining hall experience just a little.

Disclaimer: If we added to your freshman 15, we’re sorry.

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