UC Berkeley creating more gender-inclusive restrooms on campus

Daniel Kim/Staff

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UC Berkeley is currently working to provide more gender-inclusive restrooms across campus, in accordance with guidelines released by the UC Office of the President in June 2015.

According to campus real estate spokesperson Christine Shaff, any new construction or significant renovations that occur on campus after July 2015 will include the construction of new gender-inclusive facilities. Buildings currently under construction, including Wheeler Hall, Moffitt Library and the Berkeley Way West complex, are expected to have gender-inclusive restrooms.

Shaff stated that the campus is also looking into converting existing restrooms into gender-inclusive facilities. Restrooms on the first floor of Evans Hall that were formerly labeled as men’s and women’s restrooms have recently been renovated into a gender-inclusive, multi-stall restroom.

Shaff said the campus is looking to place new gender-inclusive facilities, similar to the one in Evans Hall, on the first floor of other buildings and in areas that are more public.

Nic Chang, a board member of the Queer Student Union, said the creation of more gender-inclusive multi-stall restrooms on campus can help protect transgender individuals from violence and potential health problems, as transgender individuals often avoid using the restroom to avoid “outing” themselves.

“Gender-neutral bathrooms play an important role in safety, which means the safety of everyone,” Chang said. “Transgender individuals can feel unsafe, or be actually unsafe in gendered bathrooms.”

New gender-inclusive restrooms installed on campus will be labeled by signs with the word “restroom” in a triangle in a circle and will include a wheelchair symbol if the restroom is ADA approved, according to Shaff.

Current gender-inclusive and unisex restrooms on campus include:

New gender-inclusive bathrooms as of Oct. 27

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Birge Hall — Rooms B123, B219

Calvin Lab/Simons Institute — Room 118

Evans Hall — First floor

Goldman School of Public Policy — Third floor

Haas School of Business — Faculty office building

Hargrove Music Library — Behind circulation desk

Li Ka Shing Center — Basement level

Minor Hall — Rooms 581, 682

Moffitt Library — Next to Free Speech Cafe

Morrison Hall — Rooms 225, 215

Recreational Sports Facility — First floor

RSSP Building — Fourth floor

South Hall — Basement

Sproul Hall — Room 331A

Stanley Hall — Eighth floor


Gender-inclusive restrooms

Anna Head Complex — Rooms C-102, C-208, C-211, B-200, B-213 (all gender)

Barker Hall — Rooms 6, 102, 204 (all gender)

Barrows Hall — Sixth floor

Boalt Hall — Rooms 285, 309, 348/350, 448/450 (unisex)

Cesar Chavez Student Center — Room 59 (unisex)

Career Center — Next to room 2 (all gender)

Dance Facility — First floor (all gender)

Davis Hall — Rooms 219, 335 (unisex)

Doe Library — Basement (all gender)

Dwinelle Hall — Rooms 132A, 155A (all gender)

Energy Institute at Haas — Floors one to three (all gender)

Eshleman Hall — Third, fourth and fifth floors

Gilman Hall — Across from room 118 (unisex)

Haviland Hall — Room 318 (all gender)

Harold E. Jones Child Study Center — First floor next to room 4, 30A, 40A (all gender)

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment — First floor (all gender)

Institute for the Study of Societal Issues — Next to room B-104 (all gender)

Kroeber Hall — Room 352

Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union/ASUC Building — Bear’s Lair restaurant

Moses Hall — First floor (all gender)

Piedmont Houses — 2222 Piedmont Ave., 2224 Piedmont Ave., 2232 Piedmont Ave., 2240 Piedmont Ave. (all gender)

Residential and Student Services Building — Fourth floor, across from room 461C

Simon Hall — Rooms 696, 796, 896 (unisex)

Stephens Hall — Next to rooms 242, 342 (all gender)

Tang Center — First, second and third floors (unisex)

University Hall — Next to Public Health Library (all gender)

VLSB — Herbarium (all gender)

Wurster Hall — Room 403 (unisex)

“I think that having (gender-inclusive restrooms) contributes to an overall inclusive campus,” Shaff said. “It’s really a broad number of people I think who are served by these.”

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