UCPD investigates potential threat of former Cal Dining employee

Mikaela Raphael/File
Mikaela Raphael/File

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UCPD is conducting an ongoing assessment of a recently terminated Cal Dining employee to determine if he is a danger to the community.

The employee, Alex Patz, was fired over the phone Oct. 17, according to a petition for a firearms restraining order against Patz submitted by UCPD Detective Piotr Odyniec on Oct 25. According to UCPD Lt. Marc DeCoulode, Patz has returned to the dining hall on more than one occasion since Oct. 17.

“I don’t think there were any physical threats, but we are looking into some allegations of his behavior,” DeCoulode said of the circumstances that led to Patz’s termination.

Cal Dining Director of Residential and Retail Operations Thierry Bourroux and Crossroads General Manager Laurry Wailes declined to comment.

According to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore, Patz began working at UC Berkeley in December 2006.

The petition, which requests that the court issue an order prohibiting Patz from having a firearm in his custody or control, stated that Patz intentionally bumped into a co-worker Oct. 15 and was sent home. That same day, the Oakland Police Department detained Patz after responding to a fight near his residence in Oakland, according to the petition.

About 11:49 p.m. Oct. 25, Patz was arrested for allegedly trespassing in Crossroads dining hall, according to the UCPD Daily Activity Log.

“We are doing some increased patrols (at Crossroads) and having more of a presence there because Mr. Patz is out of custody now,” DeCoulode said, adding that UCPD presence makes the staff feel safer.

Patz’s wife reported that he has a history of mental illness and that it was possible he had stopped taking his medication, according to the petition.

“There hasn’t been any credible threat or imminent threat or danger to the campus community,” DeCoulode said. “That’s why a Nixle alert hasn’t been done.”

Patz’s former co-workers have stated, according to the petition, that he is a “firearms enthusiast” and that there are more than 12 firearms registered to Patz.

“If it were to rise to the level of being a credible threat or imminent threat or danger to the campus community, we would respond appropriately,” DeCoulode said.

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