Bear-y thankful

Amanda Chung/Staff

With November upon us, we’re drawing closer and closer to the best holiday of the year. Thanksgiving is hands down the reigning champion of the holiday season, and anyone who disagrees can see themselves to the door. It’s a day dedicated to consuming otherwise unacceptable amounts of food and basking in a glorious food coma and leftovers for days to come. What’s not to like about turkey, mashed potatoes and pie? With all of the amazing side dishes and gravy flying around the table, it’s easy to forget the real reason for the holiday. Thanksgiving is supposed to be an occasion for expressing appreciation in life, and we at the Clog have a few Berkeley things for which we are exceptionally thankful.

For starters, there’s the popping booty we’re getting from scaling those monster hills on our way to class. Our badonks are strong enough to bend steel at this point in the semester. Hauling up Bancroft Way every day has our backsides burning, but the end product has us worthy of Kardashian status. You know what they say, booty is pain. Not to mention the mad calf gains that come with traversing the terrain. Recreational Sports Facility aside, our lower half has never been so ripped.

The ability to lurk at concerts at the Greek Theater for free is another wicked perk of going to school here. The artist circuit this year has been exceptional, and we’re thankful for the jams that can be heard throughout every neighborhood surrounding this hyper-local venue. What other college students gets to listen to the Lumineers, Chance the Rapper and the Head and the Heart live in the same month? Not only are the music genres diverse, the price of free seats on cheap-skate hill are impossible to beat. Because they’re free.

We’re also thankful for the huge student body. The phrase “the more the merrier” has never applied more than it does to our education. While some universities may boast about how small and selective their student populations are, we’re more than happy to be a face in the crowd here. The larger classes mean more people to share ideas with and more classmates to learn from. Sure, this may mean that we have to wait in more lines, but that teaches us patience and makes our time at the front of the Crossroads omelette line that much more special.

Yogurt Park and all of the other cheap hole-in-the-wall eateries surrounding campus are other life-savers for which we’re grateful. We dare you to find a sensible person that walked away from Yogurt Park dissatisfied. Between its monstrous portions and beautiful array of toppings, semi-frozen dairy products have never tasted so sweet. Top Dog, Thai Noodle II and Fat Slice all get honorable mentions for our appreciation award. Life would be lacking without those cost-efficient midnight grub runs.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, we’re grateful for anyone and everyone that is a part of our custodial staff. Cleaning up after thousands of teenagers is no small feat, and we certainly make sure of that. We are beyond grateful that you have mercy on us and our sloppy lifestyles.

Oh, and the education. We’re obviously thankful for the education.

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