Vote Rebecca Saltzman for BART Board of Directors District 3

For the past few years, Rebecca Saltzman has served the BART system well. She co-chairs a committee between AC Transit and BART aimed at improving the two transit systems’ relationship for the benefit of riders. She has focused on keeping BART accessible and fighting to keep fares lower.

She deserves to stay on the board and continue her stellar work improving the system for those who use it. Hopefully, Bay Area voters will approve Measure RR, and Saltzman’s priorities have shown that she’ll be a positive force on the board, ensuring that the money makes the biggest impact possible toward improving the system.

And on the Bay Area’s most pressing issue, housing, Saltzman hits the mark. In her past term, she helped pass an affordable housing mandate requiring that any development near a BART station include 20 percent affordable housing.

Saltzman’s record shows she clearly deserves another term on the board.

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