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NOVEMBER 01, 2016

Oh, CalCentral. Where do we begin? With class registration looming upon us, we at the Clog thought we might reflect on the university’s most ratchet website to date. We know, you’re already aware that it looks like a third grader made it. Its interface is hardly user-friendly, and it’s just pretty janky in general. For a school with a world-renowned electrical engineering and computer sciences program, it seems as though its websites should look just a tad bit nicer and function just a little bitter. But who are we to judge, right? We’re just the Clog. But we found some of the least functioning websites that are still a bit better than CalCentral. You be the judge of them:


Chloe Lelchuk/Staff

Yes, what you thought was Facebook’s deceased predecessor still exists. We’re not really sure what purpose it serves anymore, or who runs it. But it’s there. It even has somewhat up-to-date news, a music player and trending videos. Way to get with the times (sort of), Myspace.

The San Francisco FogCam

Chloe Lelchuk/Staff

The San Francisco FogCam, established in 1994, is home to the world’s oldest webcam, and continues to update a live image of San Francisco State University’s quad every 20 seconds. Why CalCentral doesn’t have a live broadcast of Sproul Plaza is still a mystery to us.

Dole/Kemp 1996 Campaign Website

Chloe Lelchuk/Staff

Tired of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? And CalCentral? Then be sure to check out Bob Dole’s and his running mate Jack Kemp’s online campaign website from the 1996 presidential election. We’re not sure why this still exists, but if you happen to be curious about who lost to Bill Clinton 20 years ago, you can always click “About the Team” or “On the Campaign Trail” to travel back in time and follow these two around on their quest for the presidency in 1996. The possibilities are almost endless. Of course, you can’t hear Kemp’s victory speech.

Space Jam

Chloe Lelchuk/Staff

If you’re looking to relive the good ole days when Michael Jordan was the star of the NBA and before CalCentral ever existed, then you can head on over to Warner Bros.’ well-crafted and everlasting website promoting the movie Space Jam. It’s filled with out-of-this world graphics, and a fun and easy interface for users. Hey CalCentral, be more like Space Jam, please.


Chloe Lelchuk/Staff

Before Club Penguin, Webkinz or even CalCentral, there was Neopets. You know, that virtual pet website you would play on when you were a little kid just getting acquainted with using a computer. Well, it’s still a thing, and it’s still somehow better than CalCentral. Not to mention you get 2,500 free Neopoints when you sign up now. Where are our free points, CalCentral?

The Daily Clog

Chloe Lelchuk/Staff

We at the Clog typically don’t like to toot our own horn, but we must say, “The Daily Clog” truly was a special thing — way more special than CalCentral. We like to think of it as our cool, hip mom. It has a blue background, teal accents and not to mention, it’s where we came from. While we miss our former home at, we can’t help but appreciate that it still is indeed better than CalCentral. Ha.

EECS and computer sciences majors, we’re looking at you. Put your good knowledge to use and please bring CalCentral up to par with these not-so-ratchet websites.

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NOVEMBER 01, 2016