Yes on C1: Keep AC Transit moving

Nishali Naik/Staff

Measure C1 isn’t a tax increase — it’s a tax extension of an existing parcel tax that goes to support AC Transit.

AC Transit happens to be one of the primary methods that students and residents at large use to travel through the East Bay. Ensuring that it stays functional and afloat is a no-brainer. It’ll provide $30 million a year in funding to the system so AC Transit managers can continue to provide service.

Making sure routes, buses and drivers receive the attention they deserve is essential to keeping cars off the road, and as the East Bay gets more crowded, it’s more important than ever to encourage bus usage.

And while AC Transit hasn’t always proved the best money manager, holding out on this money would only result in reduced services for bus riders. Yes on C1.

Endorsements represent the majority opinion of the Senior Editorial Board as written by the opinion editor.

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