Yes on RR: Breathe life into BART

Nishali Naik/Staff

With every passing year, BART’s ridership increases and its infrastructure further devolves. It’s a trend that spells disaster for the millions of people who depend on trains to get around the Bay Area and for those who care about the environmental impacts of transportation.

BART desperately needs money to improve its infrastructure and services, and Measure RR would provide more than $3 billion in bond money to make that happen.

Of course, BART is notorious for its financial woes — many have pointed to the labor agreement reached at the end of the 2013 BART labor strike as evidence of the system’s poor money management and meekness against unions.

But Measure RR funds can only go toward infrastructure improvements, not toward personnel costs, meaning that voters need not worry about their extra tax dollars funding union salaries and pensions.

Instead, their money will improve a system that helps everybody move around and takes cars off the streets.

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