In memoriam: 25 of the greatest Vines of all time

Franchesca Spektor/Staff

Pour one out and do it for the Vine. Vine, the most perfect social media platform, will be shuttered by its parent company Twitter in the coming months after an announcement last Thursday. It’s left us too soon, but it’ll never leave our hearts — nor will the millions of six-second masterpieces that filled the site (and countless Twitter threads) on the daily. You’ll be gone but never forgotten, Vine. RIP-peroni.

Back at it again at krispy kreme

The Vine that launched 1,000 thinkpieces. Back at it again at Krispy Kreme, forever.


This Vine’s the purest damn video on the internet. The life-changing #MeekaLaugh, the bougie Target-mom pronunciation of “Lifesavers” — it’s what all grocery store trips should aspire to be.

Diesel jeans 

The maker of this Vine has the type of self-satisfied smirk on his face that people only have when they know that they’re about the unleash the secret to eternal bliss onto an unsuspecting audience. (Spoiler alert: He does just that.)


There’s just nothing quite as charming as a close up of somebody’s face with the flash beaming. “Wow” indeed, friend. “Wow” indeed.


This vine provides its viewers with a raw and damning commentary on suburbia. It also reminds me of a nightmare I had in high school after attending a PTA meeting.


In 2013, Vine was still in its infancy — no one knew what to make of it, except for these folks. With nothing but a party girl, a flight of stairs and a shaky iPhone camera, they single-handedly created a six-second cinematic tour de force.

Kermit, or Usher

Now all we need is Usher singing a Muppets song to bring this perfect Vine back full-circle.

Nae Nae to anything

The sweet, sweet gentle melody. The powerful expressiveness of dance. The guy’s unbridled joy when his friend pops into the frame. It’s so pure, so important.

Skateboarding princess 

This Vine is magic, pure and simple. This badass Black butterfly princess flexes with a bonkers kickflip that’d put Thrasher guys to shame.

Auctioneer Beats 

It’s quite frankly shocking that we didn’t stop earlier to consider the fact that good old-fashioned auctioneers could be out there spitting fire.

Potato flew around my room 

The Vine that launched 1,000 memes, this critical take on Frank Ocean’s intimate ballad reminds us even more to never give up on love (or potatoes).

White girl trying to remember day she was born 

Shouts out to all the Beckys. We were all wild back then.

My fucking cinnamon apple 

“I thought you loved me. YOU WAS MY BABY. mY FUCKING CINNAMON APPLE” — everyone to Twitter for killing Vine. You were probably too good for her anyways, buddy.

October 3rd or so 

We always loved when kids got their hands on a Vine account. This truly iconic and historically significant Vine is made even sweeter by the fact that she made this Oct. 30, 2014, and hasn’t actually been to Disney World on any Oct. 3 for the past three years. We’ve checked her Vines.

Suh Dude? 

A timeless, heartwarmingly simple expression of friendship. Two words, seven letters; say it and I’m yours: “Suh dude?”

Chris, is that a weed? 

This undeniable cult classic Vine has so many layers. The crayon, the camera zoom, the music, the microwave. God damn it, this was funny.

That’s my OPINION

Vine’s punchiness and brevity were always its greatest assets. Whenever longer clips were shortened into their 6-second essences, the joke landed better every time.

Sucking my own dick and dying 

This succinct and easily digestible explanation of nihilism is the perfect tool to aid every UC Berkeley student in their fruitless search for meaning.

Now b*tch, you know I ain’t one to gossip 

No Vine has ever more purely represented the reaction vine than this. This Vine could be used across platforms and across contexts. For the punchiest punchline to every Twitter joke, we thank you.

Just chillin in cedar rapids 

Anyone who says that this Vine isn’t the single greatest piece of art to come out of the 2016 election cycle is wrong.

Look at this graph 

When Nickelback released its seminal “Photograph,” it was speaking to a generation who still relied on photographs to make sense of their bygone youth. For us Millennials, it’s all about data, making this Vine the critical revival we all needed.

I never went to Uber Driver 

The best Vines were those that never let you in on the joke. Here was one that could be watched on loop for long stretches of time with no explanation necessary. Don’t forget to tip your Uber drivers.

Everyone at school is fake 

Everybody walking down Sproul, every single day of the week. If you tell yourself that you’ve never done this, then you’re lying to yourself.

Who is she? 

“She is beauty and she’s grace.”

I’m in me mum’s car

This gut wrenching scene depicts the dissonance that so often characterizes mother-daughter relationships, the ideological schism that separates the youth who just want to be free and the mums who, like so many forces in this world, crush these dreams.

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