Remembering names mid-semester

Katherine Chen/File

We’ve all been there: It’s the middle of semester, you’re sitting next to the person you’ve talked to in your math discussion for the last two months, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember their name for the life of you. We at the Clog understand how awkward it is to ask this person what their name is, so we’ve created a list of ways to figure it out without directly asking them.

Study at a café. Decide that you need to study with said person at a café. Deliberately suggest a café on campus, like Yali’s, that calls out names when people’s orders are ready.

Introduce another friend. Meet another friend and allow your friend and the person whose name is yet-to-be-determined to introduce themselves to each other. If either of them expectantly looks at you to initiate the introduction, just wait it out. No matter how awkward the interaction becomes, wait until one of them starts to talk and listen carefully.

Exchange contact info. Use the we-need-to-study trick again and exchange phone numbers. Give them your phone and ask them to create a new contact on it.

Become Facebook friends. Log into your Facebook account and hand them your computer or phone so they can friend themselves on your behalf.

Connect on any form of social media. Ask for their social media username. This tip is especially handy, as their username will either be (a) their name or (b) some other type of username. Even if their username is different from their name, more likely than not, their username will appear above their actual name.

Spell check. The classic: Ask them how to spell their name (and pray it’s not something simple). If their name is something simple, merely claim that your friend has the exact same name with an abnormal spelling.

We truly hope you won’t be in this situation, but in the off chance that you do forget an acquaintance’s name, know that any of these methods will surely work and make your life much less awkward in the long run.

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