Shots and sheep

Kristine Wong/Staff

Partying and drinking are popular topics in college. People seem to think that getting wasted on the weekend is crucial to one’s college experience. However, we at the Clog want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with staying sober, just as there’s nothing wrong with getting turnt. The situation isn’t binary, electrical engineering and computer science majors. You can like partying sometimes and not other times. You can also never drink at all, or drink seven days a week (pray for your liver). Whatever you prefer, just do what you want how and when you want to do it.

If you know that partying isn’t for you and that you’d rather play Settlers of Catan with your buddies, then trade, build and settle to you heart’s content. But if board games bore you to death, you can hit up Frat Row for Game Day and drinks. If you like both, that’s all the better. Trade some ore for sheep before you take a shot for all we care. Build that city, man. We aren’t here to stop you.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different definitions of fun. Some people live for lit Friday nights, while others thrive off of low-key Netflix binges. Whatever your preference may be, just be respectful of the ideas and opinions of others. Don’t feel pressure to drink if you’re not in the mood, and don’t make others drink if they’re not interested.

Say your friend is a massive hockey fanatic, and you only partake in viewing the occasional Stanley Cup game. That’s fine. There’s no law mandating that you must invest in season passes for the next four years after you watch your first game of hockey. Sure, your friends who live and breathe for the sport would probably urge you to join them for a few more games than you’d like. That’s totally understandable and kind of them to offer. Just remember that the puck is on your side of the rink, and that you have the power to call the plays.

Also, if you know for certain that you have no desire to watch hockey in your free time, and the very idea of grown men on ice revolts you, then don’t pay attention to the NHL. Ignore those fans that are constantly trying to push you into something you already know you won’t enjoy. If they continue hassling you after the 12th time you dodge their efforts, tell those screaming hockey fans to take one of their beloved hockey sticks and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Lastly, remember that nobody cares about your personal social life as much as you do. If you think the first thought that runs through people’s mind when their feet hit the ground in the morning is, “How turnt can I get my friend tonight?” you’re pretty full of yourself. They’re more concerned with how late they’re going to be to their first class of the day than what you’re doing after class that night. Honestly, it’s pretty narcissistic to think that everyone is deeply and passionately concerned with your personal alcohol intake. It may feel this way when they continually offer to pour you a drink, but if politely declining is your biggest issue for the night, you’re chilling.

Here’s the thing about partying: It’s super fun for some people, not fun for others, and somewhere in between the two camps for most. Your college experience won’t be derived from your low blood alcohol content, so drink if you want and don’t if you don’t.

Live your dreams, superstar.

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