The terror of November

Mary Zheng/File

Halloween has just passed, and the air is crisp from winter winds. While this may signify the approach of holiday joy for some, for UC Berkeley students this only means the stress is about to pile on. There are so many events and assignments coming up, and we don’t know which to focus on first. To help alleviate some chaotic thinking, we at the Clog have compiled a general list of things to be worried about in the upcoming month.

How to get home for Thanksgiving

In case you’ve lost track of the endless school days, we’re only two weeks away from Thanksgiving break. This means, instead of going to classes and spending endless hours studying in Doe Library, you get to go home and spend endless hours studying at your local library (some break!). To even reach such a point, though, you first have to know how to get home. While you may have missed the cheap flight deals earlier this semester, it’s never too late to find one at the last minute or catch a ride home with other students. Either way, make sure you find transportation, or else you’ll be stuck eating a turkey sandwich at Pappy’s come Thanksgiving.

How to converse with estranged family member at the dinner table

If you’re able to succeed in finding your way home, don’t think you’re off the hook yet. Once you’re back, distant relatives won’t be too far behind you. They’ll be knocking on your family’s door for the holiday before you can say “stuffing.” This means preparing your annual speech about how Berkeley hasn’t made you a crazy hippie and your plans post-graduation (you wish you knew). But even with all your planning, there will be inevitable family drama leaving you itching to turkey trot all the way back to Berkeley.


Yup, we said the f-word folks. While midterms season just seemed to end, finals are already quickly approaching. This means you actually have to go back and read hundreds of assigned excerpts that you opted out of in exchange for a Netflix binge. When you break it down, though, you’ll be all caught up if you read 300 pages every day on top of everything else due each week. On the bright side, you’re going to receive a holiday gift early this year: two designer bags under your eyes that will hold all your tears!

Holiday shopping

While your internship this semester was a fantastic experience and huge resume builder, the lack of pay has really taken its toll. And now, everywhere you go, you’re reminded that the season of consumerism is dawning as Christmas music echoes in every shop. This leaves you with the intolerable task of finding suitable gifts for your family, preferably less than $5. Not only that, but you’re probably going to have to battle with every other broke college student looking for the best bargains. But if this seems too daunting, you can always revert back to homemade gifts. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Now that we’ve given you some basic upcoming stressors, feel free to think of your own. Bonus points if you can fit in an existential crisis!

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