Falling back: ways to use your extra hour

Winky Wong/File

It’s rare to have any spare time as a UC Berkeley student. Our days are packed with classes, internships and research. Sunday morning, though, the clocks fell back, leaving us with an extra hour of time. While many people are content with wasting this glorious gift by sleeping, we at the Clog have some other great ways to spend those extra 60 minutes throughout the week.

Make an extravagant breakfast

If you’re usually rushing in the morning with a coffee in one hand and granola bar in the other, use this hour as an opportunity to treat yourself before class. Instead of having your meal on the go, take the time to make an elaborate breakfast. A great way to find something is to search through your Pinterest pages or even search the Clog’s student-friendly recipes. After you find your favorite breakfast food, put on some relaxing music and begin crafting your meal. Not only will your body get some much deserved fuel, but you may also discover the process to be therapeutic.

Explore a new part of campus

No matter how long you’ve been at UC Berkeley, there are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for a fun find, take some time to walk around parts of campus you’re unfamiliar with. Venture the floors of Doe Library or trek the trails around campus. Eventually, you’re bound to stumble upon a new reading nook or spot to watch the sunset. Plus, you’ll be able to impress all your friends by taking them to places only known by Oski himself.

Start a new show

Finally, you can start that Netflix series you’ve been eyeing all semester. Under normal circumstances, guilt would consume your soul as soon as the thought of opening Netflix crossed your mind, but not now! And by setting aside only an hour, you’re not risking a binge. To take even greater advantage of this time, throw on a face mask and crack open a beer. This is a great way to temporarily distract yourself from trivial school worries. So shut your textbooks and say hello to the ultimate 60-minute self-care treatment.

Catch up on errands

Use this extra hour to do chores like tackling the mountain of laundry dominating your closet or filling your fridge with food again. While this may be seen as the most boring and trivial of options, you can take on the tasks with friends and grab a seasonal Starbucks drink at the same time. After all, misery loves company. Plus, by doing this, not only will you feel productive after finishing, but you’ll alleviate some stress in your life.

Whether you decide to be productive or treat yourself, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the clocks falling back. Just make sure you don’t waste your time slumbering through that extra hour.