10 things we’ll miss about the Obamas

Pete Souza/Creative Commons

Now that Election Day is officially over, we’re soon going to have to say goodbye to our nation’s favorite family — the Obamas. It’ll be a sad day when President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia, Sasha, Bo and Sunny pack their bags and leave the White House to live a “normal” life after eight full years in the spotlight. Even though we might not all agree on President Obama’s viewpoints or policies, the Obama family has definitely brought light and love to the White House. We’ve loved watching them and their family dynamic over the years, and have compiled a list of the 10 things we’ll miss the most about the Obamas.

1. President Obama and Joe Biden’s perfect friendship

It truly is a beautiful friendship. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden made friendship bracelets to celebrate Obama’s 55th birthday, and Biden even tweeted, “Happy birthday Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever.” We don’t know about you, but we’re all crying here — the love that Obama and Biden share is incomparable. We’ll miss the fun videos they’ve made together, their laughs and smiles and overall, their fantastic never-ceasing friendship. 

2. Bo and Sunny

Bo and Sunny, the dogs that will forever be in our heart. Bo and Sunny are the Obama family’s Portuguese water dogs. They are truly as the highest level of cute that dogs can be, with black curly fur and huge ears. Bo even has little white paws. We’ll miss Bo and Sunny frolicking through the White House lawns, completely unaware that they’re the dogs of the most famous and important family in America. We’ll miss their doggy grins and rambunctious personalities (just look how cute they are!). See you in the real world, Bo and Sunny.

3. President Obama’s emphasis on connecting with citizens

President Obama has shown over the years that he didn’t just want to be a hands-off president. He wanted to be a president that truly connected with the citizens of the United States, who likes showing that he is in many ways a lot like us. It’s been great to see the funny videos he releases about what he does in his spare time or when he tried to guess all the characters who have died on “Game of Thrones.” It’s really nice to have a president who’s talking about pop culture and subjects outside of the political realm.

4. President Obama being the coolest dad ever

Really though, when was he not? Obama, for the eight years that he’s been in office, has honestly been the coolest dad out there. He gives his daughters awesome advice about college, tells terrible dad jokes and even sang the cutest “Happy birthday” song to Malia. He’s even cool with his daughters dating, saying that he’s “pretty relaxed about it”. He even joked that “they have secret service”, and that “there’s only so much these guys can do!” We know you’re all wishing Obama was your dad.

5. The family’s dignity and grace

The way this family acts is amazing. They are truly the definition of grace under pressure, and they find a way to both be kind and charming but also serious and hardworking. They know how to laugh and make jokes, like when Michelle Obama went to CVS with Ellen, but they also know when and how to show poise and confidence as the leaders of this country. We’ll miss their charm, class and sense of humor.

6. Michelle Obama’s awesome dance moves

President Obama is not the only cool one in the family. Michelle Obama has proven time and time again that she has impressive moves. In this video of Michelle Obama dancing at the Easter Egg Roll, you can tell she can dance. And not just mom dance, but actually dance.

7. President Obama’s and Michelle Obama’s hilarious late night interviews

What’s more entertaining than seeing President Obama and Michelle Obama talk with Ellen Degeneres or Stephen Colbert? We love seeing the two of them talk about things unrelated to the presidency, and we especially love when they make fun of each other in interviews. In this recent video of Stephen Colbert interviewing Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama does a fantastic impression of President Obama. It’s extremely impressive. Really. Basically, we’ll miss how fun the two of them are outside of politics.

8. The way President Obama acts around kids

President Obama truly has a way with kids. From President Obama pointing out kids’ best costumes at the White House Halloween party to him bending down to let a kid touch his hair, he is sweet and charming around kids (and really around everyone). In 2015, President Obama just couldn’t get over how cute a child dressed as a pope was and pointed him out while laughing to Michelle Obama. That picture will be in our hearts forever. It’s awesome to see how even though President Obama spends so much time working hard and making important decisions, he’s still able to laugh and smile at adorable kids.

9. The romance of POTUS and FLOTUS

We smile just thinking about President Obama and Michelle Obama’s marriage. It’s been clear over the past eight years how much the two of them respect and love each other, and it’s lovely to see two people in a truly equal and committed relationship leading our country. It’ll be sad to see them go — they’re honestly relationship goals.

10. Mic drop

Even though this happened fairly recently, it needs to be talked about because it was such a cool moment. At the end of his final White House correspondents’ dinner, Obama said “Obama out” and literally dropped the mic (see this video for proof). In that moment, President Obama was the definition of cool.

These are only a few things that we’ll miss about the Obamas. Really, the list could go on for the next four years. It makes it even harder to say goodbye to them. We’re appreciative of the laughter, happiness, and hard work they’ve brought to the White House, and can’t wait to see where “normal” life takes them. Obamas out!

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