Now that we’re emotionally stable again, let’s get focused

Crystal Zhong/Staff

If your election night experience was anything like the experience we at the Clog had, then you’ve had one hell of a night. From stress-eating an entire Monday night special courtesy of West Coast Pizza all by yourself, to drowning your tears in copious amounts of boba, there’s been a lot at stake in the past 24 hours. Now that it’s all finally, blissfully over, let’s get down to business. We’ve got some ideas to help you take the spirit of democracy into your own very capable hands.

If we’ve learned anything from this presidential election, it’s that we need to be more open-minded toward each other. One way to model such exemplary and accepting behavior is by tearing down every wall, fence and boundary you can find. Channel that late-Cold War mentality and get to work making sure this country never becomes so divided again.

With several measures on the ballot in Berkeley and throughout the state intending to give more money to California’s public schools, we’re starting to notice a trend. California’s public schools are severely underfunded, and they need our help. Rather than trusting in the system to fix itself, we’re recommending that you channel your inner elementary-schooler-turned-Haashole and create that start-up nonprofit you’ve been dreaming about.

There’s no time like the present to make your dreams come true and fix the horrible underfunding of public education in the city of Berkeley and the state of California. If you need some help getting your idea off the ground, we’ve got you. Try going door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions or setting up a makeshift pizza stand outside one of the fraternities on a Friday night. With your help, we’ll be on the right track in no time.

Rachel Feder is the blog editor. Contact Rachel Feder at [email protected].